Nike’s New Sustainable Sneakers Make an Impression, Not an Impact


Nike’s Move to Zero journey, which sets the label up for a zero-carbon and zero-waste future with the hopes it will help protect the future of sport against climate change, includes a number of commendable initiatives.

In addition to producing new product ranges that celebrate recycled materials, Nike will also power its facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2025, reduce its carbon emissions globally by 30% by 2030, recycle one billion plastic bottles annually to create jerseys and uppers for Flyknit shoes, and expand its sneaker recycling program to reduce the number of shoes sent to landfill.

The sportswear pioneer has made significant headway on its goals already, as outlined in the recent FY20 Impact Report, and today, it takes yet another step on its Move to Zero with the launch of the new Nike Crater Impact.

Nike Crater Impact comes in two colourways. Nike

The spacey new kicks are made from at least 25% recycled material by weight, combining an embroidered ‘Swoosh’, stitched curves and efficient overlays to reduce waste when compared with more traditional methods.

Crater Foam made from Nike Grind is used for the sole — a material Nike fans will recognise from the Space Hippie range. It’s a fine manufacturing scrap product including rubber, fibre, leather and textiles, that in its composition, ensured a completely unique aesthetic from shoe to shoe.

“With the Nike Crater Impact, Nike continues its Move to Zero journey towards a zero-carbon, zero-waste future to protect the future of sport. In the race against climate change, Nike is creating solutions for athletes and the planet, and recently set bold science-based 2025 targets to drastically reduce Nike’s environmental impact,” Nike said in a release.

“Currently, 78% of all Nike, Jordan and Converse products contain some recycled material and Nike is working to increase that number. One of the biggest opportunities for Nike to reduce its impact is by scaling better material choices, as materials make up about 70% of the brands total carbon footprint. To drive change, Nike is innovating and scaling lower carbon materials including those that contain recycled materials.”

The Nike Crater Impact has landed at Nike retailers and online for $150. If you find they’re sold out on the official Nike store, The Iconic appears to have some in stock.

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