The Headlines: Faves or Flops? What the Latest Newspoll Stats Mean for Labor

Ah, the Christmas season: You cannot escape it without throwing your phone off a cliff and sprinting into the woods. In this particular way, the countdown to December 25 is a lot like the news. 

Speaking of the latter, here are some of today’s biggest headlines

How Labor’s Doing in the Polls

As of December 5, 2022, the Federal Labor Government has been in power for 198 days. So, with this in mind, how’s the general public feeling about this switch-up?

Well, according to the December Newspoll stats, they’re still happy as a clam. In October, 38% of respondents stated that they’d put Labor as their primary vote. In December, this number bumped up to 39%. 

Moreover, in October, 54% of the respondents declared that Anthony Albanese makes for a better PM than the competition would. In December, this Newspoll number went up by an impressive 5%. 

England vs Senegal: We Have a Winner

In round 16 of the FIFA World Cup, England dominated Senegal. This is somewhat thanks to England’s Jordan Henderson, who scored a goal in the 39th minute. Then, in overtime of the first half, England’s Harry Kane got another, his first of the World Cup. And to round things off, in the 57th minute, England’s Bukayo Saka thumped the ball past Senegal’s goalie. 

In the end, England beat Senegal, three — nil. 

After the match, Kane said, “Credit to the boys. Their mentality was top from the beginning, and we took our chances when they came. We feel good. We’ve got good runners. Good players.”

England will now go up against France, who beat Poland 3-1 this morning, in the quarter-finals on Sunday. 

“Our focus turns to France,” said Kane. “It’ll be a really tough game, they’re reigning champions, it’ll be a good battle. We’ll recover nicely and get ready for the game.”

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Why Ballarat Now Has a Sleep Bus

In a positive step forward, five Victorian Ballaratians have raised $100,000 to buy a bus and fill it with comfortable sleep pods. Ballarat’s homeless folks can use these pods during the night. 

As Adam Liversage, a Senior Manager at Homelessness at Uniting, said, “We know particularly females who are quite vulnerable will have a safe space to sleep at night-time, rather than sleeping on the streets”.

“It will be a safe space for all our rough sleepers.”

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