Five Words I Invented to Help You Survive and Thrive in 2023

Language is a series of vines that help us swing from moment to moment. Without language, it becomes much more difficult to express your love-hate relationship with cockatoos or how deeply you’re craving some Tim Tams.

Moreover, as we change and shift, so does language. This is why nobody talks about the Avatar movies like they’re straight out of the King James Bible. Language changes to accommodate and contextualise the problems of an incredibly complicated and interconnected Earth. 

With this in mind, I invented some new words. These words are intended to improve your 2023. This year might be rough and murky at times, so these ideas will hopefully help you wade through the muck. 

So, without any further ado, here are five words I invented to help you survive and thrive in 2023.

Vin Dieseling 

Vin Dieseling: When you mumble something important and the person you’re speaking to can’t hear what you’re saying. The activity of Vin Dieseling works best when you are talking about family or how the Fast & Furious series is a masterpiece. 


Auto-neglect: The act of surrendering to the fact that when you text, your autocorrect is going to get some words wrong. When you shoot off a text with an error, do not cringe or clarify. Trust that your respondent is a clever detective. Trust that even if they don’t get what you mean, everything will be fine.

If you text your lover, “I need a duck right now,” let them buy you a pet duck. 

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Cinnamon-cookie-dough-nuts: A dessert consisting of a cinnamon doughnut served on a bed of cookie dough with a side of peanut butter. If someone could deliver some of these bad boys to my house right now, that would be greatly appreciated.

Cosy Shopping

Cosy shopping: Going shopping in your trackie dacks and a hoodie. No, you’re not being lazy. You’re cosy shopping. There’s a big difference. 

Fancy Water

Fancy Water: An alternative name for soda water and mineral water. Granted, I didn’t actually invent this word, my fiancée has been using it for years. 

Nevertheless, Isabel would really like it if ‘fancy water’ caught on in 2023. And thus, be a pal by giving her this win. She needs it. She really, really needs it. 

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