‘Style at Home’ Is the 2020 Way for Victorians to Try and Buy Clothes


No doubt 2020 has been the year of the tracksuit. With stay-at-home orders in place for a large proportion of the year and lockdowns continuing for those in Victoria, there’s hardly been a reason to purchase anything other than comfortable loungewear and tracksuits that double as your WFH uniform.

It’s one of the reasons Lana Coppel, entrepreneur and founder of women’s online shopping platform, Order of Style, has seen an increase in sales for loungewear and home items over the past few months.

Recognising the challenges Victorian shoppers are currently facing in not being able to try on and purchase lovely new things for themselves in-store, Coppel has developed a new offering for Melbournian shoppers, called Style at Home.

Style at Home was designed to help Victorian women browse, try on, and ultimately take home new wardrobe staples and statement pieces. Just because they can’t hit the town in a new dress right now, doesn’t mean the opportunity won’t present itself in a few months. Plus, we know first hand how dressing up at home can brighten one’s day.

The Style at Home shopping experience allows people to browse and try on items from the comfort and safety of their homes. Customers are able to purchase a cart of up to five items and only pay for the ones they choose to keep.

The service officially launches this week, and it works like so. Shoppers interested in Style at Home are encouraged to contact Order of Style for their unique coupon for the website, plus give credit card authorisation and accept the terms of service. Shoppers can then check out with five items in their cart, using the unique code that allows them to pay only a 25% deposit on the cart’s total.

Once the parcel arrives, shoppers are able to take their time in trying on the haul and seeing how the pieces work with the rest of their wardrobe. Anything they’re not 100% in love with can be sent back via a prepaid return label. Shoppers will only pay for those items they choose to keep. It’s actually that easy.

“I am hoping that our Style At Home offer allows people to gain more confidence when shopping online, in particular those customers who are new to e-commerce,” Coppel tells The Latch.

“As a society, we have shifted suddenly to a new way of life and as a result of stay-at-home measures, many people are now required to shop exclusively online. The Style At Home service allows our customers the flexibility to try on multiple sizes of a style and also they have the opportunity to experiment with new brands, fits and styles that they may have been worried about trying before.”

Coppel predicts her new service may help her shoppers feel encouraged to take greater risks with their personal style, and perhaps try more sustainable brands that may sit at a higher price point.

“I hope this provides my customers with the confidence to experiment with their personal style and gain exposure to some of the newer and more innovative brands that we offer. People are drawn to the familiar and comfortable, however by providing the Style At Home service, I hope to offer a low-risk way of simulating the joy of visiting a favourite boutique.”

In addition, Coppel hopes the Style At Home service will help inject some excitement into the day-to-day happenings of Melbournians in their second dose of lockdown.

“Personally, the most exciting time of the day at the moment is my one-hour walk and the doorbell ringing with a package being delivered! The Style At Home service is a way of bringing the Boutique shopping experience into the comfort of your own home and hopefully providing some joy for my fellow Melbournians.”

Head over to Order of Style to try out the Style at Home service now. Currently, the service is only available to Victorians, however, Coppel is open to delivering the initiative to other states in the future.

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