Up and Coming Australian Designers to Keep On Your Radar in 2020

Going into 2020, it’s time to take a step back and reflect. Throughout 2019, there were a number of new Australian designers who rose to fame — and we have a feeling that their stories are only just beginning. Though social media is blamed for being the root of many of our modern-day problems, if nothing else, it has proven to be a worthy platform in encouraging and enabling artists more than ever before to get their work out there. Thankfully for the rest of us, this includes fashion designers.

What used to be a space reserved for design school alumni is now an open playing field, and we’re seeing that reflected in the styles that are increasingly pushing the envelope. While conservative voices might argue that this is leading to over-saturation in the industry, there’s no denying that it’s also providing a creative well of inspiration and empowerment to new designers — and, in effect, changing the types of clothing that we as consumers want to wear.

To see a list of up and coming Australian fashion brands to keep on your radar going into this year, keep reading to discover some of our favourites.


This brand is taking capsule dressing to a whole new level. And we’re totally here for it. Created by two RMIT graduates, In Style reports, Coreprêt has “turned the idea of workwear on its head” by creating outfits specifically made to be worn each day of the working week. Easy, streamlined, and chic, you could easily fill the bulk of your wardrobe with pieces from the brand’s collection — saving a few quirky pieces to incorporate into your weekend wear, of course. We love the M.03 Pant ($350).

Respiro Studio

If you’re a fan of the kitschy hair clips created by Valet Studio, chances are you’ll love Respiro Studio as well. With its resin handbags, this brand truly took off in 2019 — especially among fans of the already-popular hair accessories counterpart. Providing an alternative to the typical bag, this brand’s introduction of strong shapes and new materials sets it apart. We have a feeling 2019 was just the beginning for Respiro Studio, and we can’t wait to see what will come next. We love the Scarlett Bag ($449).

Benjamin Garg

This Melbourne designer has come into the spotlight with his creative use of colour and incorporation of Indian textiles into his designs. With his eponymous brand, Garg featured at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2019 and was named by Marie Claire as a designer to keep a close eye on. A quick poke around the brand’s site leaves us hoping that the list of stockists will grow — fingers crossed that we see it come to fruition in 2020.