Like a Surprise? Netflix Is Testing Out a ‘Shuffle’ Button Worldwide


One of the coolest features that streaming service Binge has to offer is the “surprise me” feature which you click and get served a viewing surprise.

Even after you finish watching a movie or a TV series, the service automatically moves you on to something else — great for variety, terrible if you only wanted to watch that one last show.

Now, Netflix is testing out a shuffle feature called “shuffle play” — a feature for indecisive subscribers to watch that starts streaming a random title based on their viewing history and playlists.

According to a spokesperson via US outlet, Variety, the purpose of the test is “to make it easier for members to find something to watch” and will use the findings to roll out a more permanent “shuffle” feature.

The titles offered will be based on you “my list” or on shows or movies similar to those you’ve watched previously. While it is all good in theory, even services who started with the feature from the outset like Binge, still sometimes get it a little wrong.

The feature will not just be available in the US, as the test will actually be carried out to a portion of Netflix users worldwide.

The button will show up in three different places (or all at the same time simultaneously): underneath the profile row in the startup screen; in the “billboard” area on the home screen of a user’s profile; or on the TV menu sidebar.

I’m personally a huge fan of this feature, particularly after Binge automatically started playing 1994 film The Little Rascals, however, it did come after The Great Canadian Bake-Off. Hmmm…

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