Welcome Back to Ramsay Street — Here Are the ‘Neighbours’ Reboot Details You Need to Know

Nothing good lasts forever. Well, unless you’re the series Neighbours. The iconic series ran from 1985 until March 2022, when it was announced that Neighbours had been axed due to a lack of funding. Fortunately, the Neighbours’ finale was such a slay that it was quickly resurrected, and soon, Neighbours will return for its 2023 Season. 

According to the critic Frances Ryan, the Neighbours finale was top-notch. 

“Perfect might be a stretch,” wrote Karl Quinn. “But comforting, heartwarming, funny, and even genuinely moving — in this last hurrah, it was certainly all that.”

The final episode of Neighbours scored around 873,000 audience members across Australia. On 17 November of 2022, Fremantle and Amazon announced that this series was getting relaunched. 

What’s more, we finally have some solid details about the 2023 Season of Neighbours. So, get ready to sip on some nostalgia, here’s everything that we know.

Neighbours: The 2023 Cast

The 2023 season of Neighbours will feature a brilliant cast and a tonne of returning characters. Alan Fletcher is returning as Dr Karl Kennedy, Annie Jones is returning as Jane Harris, and Emerald Chan is returning as Sadie Rodwell.

Georgie Stone, Jackie Woodburne, Lloyd Will, Lucinda Armstrong Hall, and Lucinda Cowden are also returning. But they are not the only ones. It’s safe to say that Ramsay Street is once again full.

Neighbours: The 2023 Story

In 2023, the format of Neighbours isn’t changing. It’s still a soap. This means that the story of Neighbours will be a string of heartbreaks, betrayals, and twists. Which is so iconic. We love that for them. 

Neighbours: The 2023 Teaser Trailer

Neighbours: The Premiere Date

The 2023 season of Neighbours will premiere on Network 10 and the 10 Play app on Monday, 18 September. If you want to enjoy this episode on Network 10, the start time is 6:30pm.

Neighbours: Where to Enjoy This Series

The 2023 season of Neighbours will be available on Network 10 and 10 Play. Episodes of these series can also be streamed with an Amazon Prime account.

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