The Headlines: Anthony Albanese’s $2.4 Billion Plan to Fix the NBN

As the owls, bilbies, and all-night ravers go to slumber, the rest of Australia starts to rise. That’s right, it’s another day, and that means another slate of headlines. Here are some of this Thursday’s biggest stories for your noggin to ponder:

Anthony Albanese Has Committed to Improving the NBN

Ah, the National Broadband Network (NBN): The reason your internet might feel slower than dial-up. This is because a lot of homes don’t have a full-fibre connection to the grid, instead having a much slower copper connection thanks to Tony Abbot’s cost-saving measures. Thanks, Tone.

However, our current Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has a plan to change this. As of October 19, the Albanese government has committed to spending $2.4 billion to provide full-fibre NBN access to 1.5 million homes. This scheme will primarily be used to support Australia’s outer suburbs and regional communities. The government is hoping to wrap up this NBN project by the end of 2025.

“Australians deserve the same access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet access regardless of whether they’re logging in from the bush or the ‘burbs,” said Albanese.

“I want to bring Australians together, and we’re doing that by better connecting neighbourhoods and communities.”

Queensland Rugby Player Liam Hampson Has Died in Spain

In some very sad news, the Redcliffe Dolphins player, Liam Hampson, has been confirmed to have died in a Spanish nightclub in Barcelona. This was after the 24-year-old went missing for two days. 

“This morning, nightclub staff where Liam was seen for the last time, found a body on the floor in an area of the nightclub, Sala Apolo,” said the Barcelona Police.

They believe that Hampson fell at least 10 metres to his death. This event is being considered an accident.

“Waking up to the saddest news possible about Liam. We are devastated to find out Liam had an accident and did not survive,” said his sister, Tiarna Hampson.

“We are so heartbroken. Liam was the best brother I ever could have asked for and made me a better person. We cannot express our grief.”

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A 7-Year-Old Brain Tumour Survivor Got to Drive a Train

Broly Blackmore was four-years-old when he got a brain tumour removed. Fortunately, he survived this life-threatening situation. Moreover, at age seven, he fulfilled his dream of riding a steam train from South Australia’s Quorn to Port Augusta. He was designated the “trainee train driver.”

“He was boss for the day,” said his mother, Corrine Maidment.

“He keeps saying, ‘How do I get to be a train driver? I want to go back there and be a train driver.’” 

This trip was made possible thanks to the Starlight Foundation, a group that helps sick kids around Australia. You can donate to this organisation here

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