This Fashion-Forward Sustainable T-Shirt Supports First Nations Education


Byron Bay label Nagnata (featured in The Latch’s wrap-up of our favourite sustainable fashion brands) has teamed up with Children’s Ground, a bold not-for-profit led by Aboriginal communities that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, celebration and learning.

The Australian fashion brand and the organisation have come together on a mission to support First Nations-led education and the arts in the remote community of Marlkawo in West Arnhem Land, which is an extremely remote community and a 12-hour drive from Darwin. The community lacks basic services and shops, healthcare and early childhood services (a three-hour drive away, provided the roads aren’t washed out by seasonal rain).

“Children’s Ground delivers learning six days per week during the dry season with an intentional intensity. This is to address the limited amount of time in which Marlkawo is accessible,” Children’s Ground said in a release, adding: “100% of learning takes place on country.

“Each day begins with a physical activity, such as a race on the airstrip. Morning sessions focus on Western learning, such as literacy and numeracy. Afternoons are comprised of cultural learning and First Language. In every form of learning, Aboriginal and Western-trained educators work together.”

Nagnata x Children’s Ground

As part of a commitment to expand upon their social contributions, Nagnata has partnered with the not-for-profit to create a limited-edition line of T-shirts with 100% of profits donated to Children’s Ground.

The project is entitled ‘Everything Comes From Country’, and Funds raised will go towards education and art supplies with the long-term goal of building a dedicated art space designed to facilitate community-led cultural art projects in Marlkawo.

The 100% certified organic cotton T-shirts are adorned with a bright and meaningful artwork designed in collaboration with artist Keisha Leon, Waanyi and Kalkadoon woman and founder of Leon Designs – a First Nations owned and operated creative studio.

Leon says the artwork is inspired by the natural landscape of her homeland, Kalkadoon, and represents the connection between Country and belonging.

Nagnata x Children’s Ground

“By celebrating the traditional crafts and learning from the deep wisdom of Aboriginal culture we move towards a collective healing,” Nagnata says in a release.

“We are strongly aligned with The Children’s Ground values in believing that power, knowledge and opportunity should be shared by all people. The brand is committed to listening and learning from our First Nations People, and to make meaningful contributions and positive action towards reconciliation through our business”, said Nagnata’s founder and director, Laura-May Gibbs.

The Nagnata Children’s Ground T-shirt is available now for $140. You can get yours here or make a donation to Children’s Ground.

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