How This Small Gym Owner Turned His Passion For Fitness Into a Full-Time Job

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Sometimes, the best way to help others can also be the best way to help yourself. For MYGYM founder Anthony Pante, starting his own small, independent gym that catered for as many people as possible was always a dream.

After a decade of working as a personal trainer, he finally brought that dream to fruition, and diving headfirst into his side hustle has taught him things about himself that he might not have learned otherwise.

The Latch spoke to Pante about the success of MYGYM, founded in 2010, and how what started as a side hustle ended up becoming a hub of wellness, community and success.

TL: Can you explain your journey working in fitness, and what MYGYM is all about?

I have been immersed in the fitness industry for the past 23 years, initially as a personal trainer and currently as the Managing Director of MYGYM.

MYGYM Health and Fitness was established in 2010 by myself and a very close friend.  We have built an environment that is community focused, comfortable and inclusive. Our facility has three levels of functional training, strength and conditioning, ladies only, boxing and group exercise zones and in-house specialty services such as physiotherapy, exercise physiology, a nutritionist and one-on-one coaching – MYGYM has everything you need under the one roof.

14 years later MYGYM continues to refine and grow with over 2000 members.

TL: What sets MYGYM apart from other small independent gyms?

Opening up a gym the size of MYGYM (1400sm) with an offering that catered for everyone was always a dream. A strong passion for health, fitness and a desire to change lives is what inspired me to start MYGYM.

What sets MYGYM apart… is the community and family, close-knit feel that not many other gyms have. We have built a team and environment that is welcoming and nurturing. The owners are always present and involved in the business so that issues and required changes can be quickly addressed.

TL: What was the process of getting MYGYM off the ground like?

Starting MYGYM involved more than 12 months of intensive pre-planning and forecasting. The process of selecting the right staff, equipment, trainers and creating an inviting environment was extensive and exhausting. Assessing, refining and making changes to be better is an ongoing, yet rewarding process. 

TL: MYGYM has a real focus on the importance of mental health. How has starting MYGYM, and pursuing your dream, improved yours?

Opening MYGYM has helped to improve my own mental health through developing and sustaining strong and meaningful relationships with both staff and members. Helping others navigate through some of their own mental challenges and mentoring them to be stronger has been rewarding. It has helped put into perspective the reality that most people will suffer with poor mental health at some stage in life, but that this can be managed with a healthy lifestyle and strong support network.

TL: There’s also a focus on building community within MYGYM. How did your community help or inspire you to bring the product of your passion to life?

Community and family is at the centre of everything we do at MYGYM. At the time of opening MYGYM there weren’t many quality community-based gyms in the local area and the community was screaming for options. This inspired us to get MYGYM off the ground and the continual support of our family and community has catalysed the drive and determination to continue to provide and improve a quality service for everyone.

TL: What has been the most rewarding part of the whole experience?

The most rewarding part of starting MYGYM is most definitely the friendships and relationships that have been forged over the years. In addition to this, being able to build and maintain a quality brand that is respected, well known and talked about with such a loyal following is always very rewarding. Being able to help people change their lives and become better versions of themselves is also very rewarding.

TL: And what has it taught you about yourself?

MYGYM has taught me that I am more resilient than I thought and capable of most things. The business has also taught me to be patient and the importance of consistency and good old-fashioned hard work. 

TL: What’s your best advice for being ‘Set For Life’?

Success is not always measured by the amount of money you make or have. Success can be measured by respect and an honest reputation that builds lasting relationships that you can be proud of.

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