It’s Official: These ‘My Fall Plans/the Delta Variant’ Memes Win the Internet

Fall Plans/Delta Variant

We love a good meme. Nothing is more effective at stopping your incessant social media scrolling than some text and an image that so perfectly sums up a situation you feel compelled to immediately share with all of your friends.

Like with any trend, memes are cyclical with different ones gaining popularity at different times. For example, there was the Dolly Parton challenge of 2020 in which people posted four different pictures of themselves in a bid to poke fun of the different personas we exhibit for Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Tinder.

Also in 2020 (because we truly believed that would be the worst a year could be), there was also the meme challenge that saw social media users use pop culture to represent how they had devolved between January and September.

Because the only thing COVID-19 has been good for has been the internet comedy gold it has spawned (and, yes okay, the fact that it gave the environment a chance to heal too) the latest pandemic related meme trend that has captured our attention is one in which people use two images to describe their fall plans and the Delta variant which is coming to ruin everything.

Now, many of the posts do skew very “American” and therefore involve lots of football pictures and references to US reality TV shows such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta, plus you know, the fact that it’s about “fall” (autumn) plans when we are heading into spring. However, the universally unifying thing about this damn virus that won’t quit is that it’s here to ruin everything, no matter where you are or what season you are entering.

So, without further adieu, here are the versions of the ‘My Fall Plans/the Delta Variant’ meme challenge that had us in stitches. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift/Kanye West

Sure, it’s a little obvious, but we love it nonetheless.

Atreyu/Artax From The NeverEnding Story

Oof. Too soon.

Sideshow Bob/The Rakes

This one made me laugh for a solid 20 minutes.

Toadfish Rebecchi/His Yellow Sedan

We must award many, many points to ‘The Grim Recapper’ for putting a local spin on this trend. Also, I’m fairly sure Dee ended up coming back from the dead so it’s not as dark as it seems.

A Bunny/Glenn Close

Well, it’s good to see that this scene from Fatal Attraction is being used for more than just the purpose of guys describing a girl who was “psycho” because she called him out on his f**kboy behaviour.

Moira Rose/Sebastien Raine

Sebastien Raine is “a monster, who uses people, and leaves them for dead” (David’s words)  which kind of makes him the perfect person to represent the Delta variant.

Harold Holt/The Ocean

Another social media user who gave this trend an Aussie spin.

Sure, it’s a little one the nose, but did we really think we could just LOSE a Prime Minister and not be ridiculed for it forever? Maaate. Come on.

The Suez Canal/The Ever Given

Look, props to this unfortunate event for having the longevity and versatility to fit into not one, but TWO different meme challenges.

Marcia Brady/An Errant Football

Now she’ll never be a teen model, but she will be an internet sensation.

Barney and Robin/Ted Mosby

Hmm this is a tricky one as Ted did date Robin first, and then Barney broke his own bro code by starting a relationship with her after she and Ted had broken up…but we’ll allow it.

A Delicious Tin of Biscuits/My Mother’s Sewing Crap

I don’t know who Carlos Aguilar is, but he might be my twin flame because he sees into the very depths of my soul.

How many times have you been so excited to think you have found your mum’s hidden stash of buttery, flaky, Danish biccies, only to pop open the tin and discover it’s full of random buttons and bits of coloured string?

I can’t tell you the EXACT number of times this atrocity has occurred in my life…but my therapist probably could.

Mum — you owe me.

Macauley Culkin in My Girl/Bees

It’s just too good. Give Brian Lynch all of the awards, now.

Pompeii/ The Volcano

Okay, but this one wins. **Cue slow clap.**

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