Coronavirus: Music Streaming Is Down as TV and Movie (Quaran)Streams Rise

Now that the Australian Government has recommended that everyone stays home due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s one thing that Aussies are missing on their commute into the office. Listening to their favourite tunes on Spotify or Apple Music.

Now that a lot of us are rolling out of bed and into our home office setups, there has been a reported 7.6% drop in music streaming.

According to Nielsen Media Research, in the week of March 13 — 19, streaming of TV services and news providers has risen by 68%.

Streaming services in the US such as Disney+, Apple TV, Netflix and Hulu have all reported a rise as has YouTube, which has reported a 7% increase.

According to Alpha Data, a tracking service that provides music statistics to US media outlets Rolling Stone, Variety and Music Business worldwide, services like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music saw a 7.3% decline which totalled 16.6 Billion USD.

However, it’s not just that morning commute that’s affecting the numbers.

In an interview with Variety, Ghazi Shami, founder and CEO of the Empire label, said that people with children or have a household of people, are more likely to stream from one account.

“Kids are home. You’ve got four people packed into the same house. You’re probably all going to be listening to the same thing, rather than everyone listening to different things,” he said.

Alpha Data also reported that audio streams had dropped by 8%, album sales by 27.6%, digital album sales by 12.4% and digital songs by 10.7% — which amounts to 3.9 million USD. The first time in the last four years to track under 4 million USD.