Mushroom Stools Are the Fairyland Chic Addition You Need in Your Home

Mushroom stool

In the last few years, mushroom lamps have been trending. But, recently, the fungi shape has been the inpso for another homewares item: ottomans and pouffes. We’re starting to see mushroom-shaped stools in all kinds of fabrics, from cosy fleece and rattan, to plush velvet and sleek linen.

But don’t just take our word for it — take Pinterest’s. According to the inspo platform, ‘fantasy mushroom art’ is up 170% from last year, ‘vintage mushroom décor’ is up 35% and ‘DIY mushroom décor’ is up 77%.

“We tend to see that trends come around in a cyclical fashion and right now the 70’s is definitely back in the spotlight,” said Swasti Sarna, global director of insights at Pinterest, to The NY Post. “With that, we’re seeing Pinterest searches for mushroom decor on the rise. Gen Z in particular is looking for inspiration to incorporate this eclectic motif into their own homes.”

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Ahead, we share some of our favourite mushroom ottomans and stools to shop if you want in on the trend and add a touch of whimsy to your home.

Irinea Mushroom Round Pouf, on sale $237.30

Mushroom ottoman

Fabulaxe Mushroom Shape Storage Ottoman, $251.29

Mushroom shape stool

Fleece Mushroom Ottoman, $258.57

Mushroom ottoman

Mushroom Ottoman Handmade, $554.08

Mushroom ottoman handmade

Mushroom Ottoman Modern Style, $258.57

Mushroom ottoman stool

Oyoy Mushroom Storage Basket, $219.95

Rattan mushroom storage

ArtissIn Coffee Table Mushroom, $126.95

Mushroom coffee table

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