This Erotic Art Museum Is Auctioning Off Its Pieces – Here’s How You Can Grab One

Museum of Erotic Art

Artworks are an integral part of home décor, shaping a room and making you feel a certain way when you walk into it. They might remind you of your favourite life memories, make you feel calm and clear-headed, or, in the case of the pieces at Lovehoney’s Museum of Erotic Art, they might help you better understand and appreciate sexual happiness.

The team at sexual wellness brand Lovehoney brought together nine well-known Australian and international artists to each create a piece that showed what sexual happiness and expression meant to them, with the pieces all available through online auction and the money going to a charity of the artists’ choice, including White Ribbon, Support Act and The Scarlet Alliance.

“Sexual expression is an artform in itself, so what better way to showcase this than by exhibiting what it means to various people in different artistic mediums?” said Lovehoney’s Australian Director Rob Godwin. “Plus, it’s all for a good cause.”

The resulting art at Lovehoney’s Museum of Erotic Art includes a digital illustration called ‘Eternal Lovers’, printed on cotton rag watercolour paper by Bianca Beers, a pastel piece called ‘Hedonist’ by Christina Cerqueira and ‘Between the Starry Sheets’, a digital print by Helena Elias, printed on textured cotton rag.

‘Hedonist’ by Christina Cerqueira

“Hedonist is a work of art which represents what E. L. James’s Fifty Shades books provided me; the acknowledgement that I liked sex and wanted to actively participate in its enjoyment,” reads the description of ‘Hedonist’.

“The journey started out as one which was fuelled with passion and curiosity. Life happened, children arrived and adventure got pushed aside. Fast forward a few years and I was reignited with actively trying to draw my husband to me. What was I missing?

“What was I not doing? Why was he not as drawn to me as I was to him? The journey began again, although this time I discovered the truth. I was the key; I was missing. Sex and magnetism was never about what I was lacking. Because what I was lacking was the drive to love myself. The need to explore myself. The passion to learn deeply what drives me.”

Meanwhile, ‘Between the Starry Sheets’ reads: “This piece explores fantasy and desire, the private moments we discover through imagination or erotic fiction. Sometimes the greatest sexual pleasure can be found in the magic of our minds.”

‘Between the Starry Sheets’ by Helena Elias

You can bid on all the artworks at the live auction here, up until December 15.

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