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Muji’s New Prefab House Is Minimal Perfection at an Affordable Price

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Muji proves once again that ‘simple is always better’ with its latest prefab home.

The Yō no Ie House is the fourth dwelling in the brand’s collection of houses. While prior designs prioritised tiny living, the Yō no Ie House — which translates to ‘Plain House’ —considers an ageing population in its design.

The single-story structure embraces a design synonymous with outdoor living. Three large sliding doors seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors, while the flow of the interior space extends out upon a large level deck complete with a sunken lounging area.

Picture: Muji

In a style true to Japanese architecture, a pale shade of cedarwood is clad exclusively throughout the interior and exterior of the home. Complimented by cool white walls and ceilings, the space achieves a sense of both warmth and calmness rarely found in modern-day dwellings.

Though it feels spacious with high ceilings and large windows, the interior home in its entirety is just 77sqm. It’s why the display home, pictured here in Isumi, makes use of clever dual-purpose furniture and minimal decor — to best showcase the customisable, multifunctional layout.

Picture: Muji

Walls are able to be shifted, rooms can be reconfigured to prioritise privacy, or those who prefer an open-plan design may choose to forgo walls altogether.

Muji even foresees homeowners choosing to stack multiple dwellings on top of one another to create a larger, multigenerational family home.

But no matter the internal configuration, each structure houses plenty of room for a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and open-plan living and dining area.

Picture: Muji

Ideal for retirees? Yes. But we feel this home would suit just about anyone looking to simplify their way of living and reconnect with nature (provided you can secure the land to build the home upon).

What’s more, the abode is sold at the affordable price point of around $230,000. At this stage, Muji’s Yō no Ie House is available only in Japan, but we’re hoping the brand extends its offering to ship globally in 2021.

Picture: Muji

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