Happy Friday: Here’s 10% Off Mr Black’s New, Picnic-Perfect Canned Espresso Martinis

Mr Black Espresso Martini

I have yet to find a cocktail I don’t enjoy more than an espresso martini. It’s frothy and creamy, it’s sweet and, best of all, it gives me the kick I so often need to start an afternoon or evening drinking session. So, you can imagine my excitement when I learnt that you can now get bar-quality, ready-made espresso martinis… in a can.

Yep, launched today (October 1), the 200ml cans were created by Mr Black and took a whopping three years of research and development to make. They’re charged with nitrogen and made using top-grade arabica coffee, pure Australian vodka and a splash of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, which the company is well-known for.

You simply shake the can and either sip as-is or pour into a cocktail glass or, if you’ve brought them to a picnic, into a cup.

“This isn’t your normal cocktail in a can — the Mr Black Espresso Martini is jammed full of delicious specialty grade coffees, vodka and Mr Black — just like you’d find in a top cocktail bar,” says the company’s founder Tom Baker. “Big coffee flavour, yet seriously sessionable.”

The cans are now available nationally at Liquorland, First Choice, Vintage Cellars and big independent retailers, with a four-pack setting you back $34.99. Fortunately, for you, dear readers, we’ve got a limited-time discount code you can use that’ll get you 10% off the packs anytime in the month of October. Just enter MRB10 on Mr Black’s website before check out and there ya the go. Even better, the code works for other Mr Black drinks, too (I tested it).

Happy sipping.

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