Hack Your Slack With This $22 Gadget That Makes You Appear Online

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We all know work has changed post-COVID, and that many of us now work part-time or even full-time from home. With that comes more use of digital collaboration platforms like Slack and Teams, and with that, a need to appear active on them even when you’re, let’s be honest, slacking off.

Enter the humble ‘mouse jiggler’. Just as it sounds, it’s a device you can plug into your laptop that’ll periodically move your mouse, making you appear active on Slack and Teams even if you’re, you know, doing your laundry or getting a haircut.

While there are plenty of mouse jigglers available, there’s one in particular that caught our eye. It’s a Mouse Jiggler Automatic on Amazon that’ll set you back $22.99. It has a 4.7-star rating and a whopping 2,610 reviews.

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Essentially, it’s a USB that you plug into your computer that gets recognised as a regular mouse. It’ll simulate mouse movement to keep your computer awake, but it won’t affect the use of your regular mouse. You don’t even have to install any software or drivers.

Mouse jiggler USB
Image: Amazon

“Comes up as a mouse driver, discreet, keep your Teams status as Active, and prevents auto-locking of desktop. I recommend this product,” wrote one reviewer.

“Great product and does as it describes. It moves the arrow bit by bit on the computer screen. A reliable tool to keep the work status online the whole time,” added another.

Another reviewer wrote that out of the hundreds of items they’d bought throughout and since the pandemic, this device had been their best purchase and they only wish they’d bought it earlier. “If you have a stressful job, and your boss has control issues, this little thing will be perfect for you,” they wrote.

While you’re on Amazon, it’s also worth checking out its homewares. Because in case you missed it, we’ve been sleeping on Amazon homewares. We’re talking alarm clocks that double as mirrors, minimalist, farmhouse-style salt and pepper shakers, and sleek marble coasters. Ahead are some of the best homewares buys you can get on Amazon right now.

SZELAM Digital Clock Large Display, $26.95

Not only does this alarm clock double as a mirror (you can turn the clock display off), but it also has two USB ports that you can use for charging. Put it on your bedside table or hang it up on a wall in your home.

Alarm clock

Farmhouse Style Salt and Pepper Shakers, $12.95

Add a rustic flair to your home with these ceramic salt and pepper shakers. They’re easy to use, with a rubber stopper lid at the bottom for refills.

Salt shakers

RADICALn Coaster Set Handmade Marble$39.85

This set includes six coasters and a holder, all made from onyx marble.


Hipiwe Vanity Makeup Marble Tray, $80.74

Use this sturdy marble tray for candles, jewellery, or a bottle of wine and two glasses. Place it on a nightstand, in the bathroom, or on a kitchen countertop.

Marble tray

Minimalist Ceramic Vase$97.78

Place your favourite flowers in this high gloss vase to brighten up your kitchen or home-office space.

Minimalist vase

EZOWare Natural Seagrass Storage Baskets, $39.99

Organise your space with this set of three different-sized seagrass storage baskets, popping in them hand towels, toiletries or even fruit and veg.

Natural seagrass baskets

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