10 of the Strangest (But Still Incredibly Sentimental) Funeral Requests


When it comes to saying goodbye, more and more Australians are eschewing tradition and choosing to do funerals and memorials in their own way. In fact, new research by Australian unconventional funeral provider Bare found that nine in 10 Australians (88%) said they cared about their final farewell and want to tailor it to suit them.

So, if that’s a group you’re part of, but you’re wondering how you can make your last salute special, read on for some inspiration. Because from ashes made into garden gnomes and sent to space, to elaborate firework displays, Bare has seen, heard and done it all, and the company’s now sharing with us what that ‘all’ entails.

Ahead are the top 10 weirdest, yet most wonderful funerals and memorials Cale Donovan, co-founder of Bare, says the company’s helped to arrange. And, if you too are wanting to plan for an unconventional final farewell, be sure to get in touch with Bare.

Ashes Sent to Space

“One of the most interesting requests we received was from a young man in his 40s who wanted his ashes sent into space. It was a bit of a race to the finish to make this one happen, but we were over the moon (pun intended) that we could fulfill his and his family’s request.”

Ashes Turned Into an Object

“People have really creative ideas when it comes to turning their ashes into objects. Jewellery, individual stones, blown glass…I think one of my favourites was a customer who wanted their ashes to be added to a cement mixer and made into garden gnomes.”

Ashes Taken to a Specific Place

“Ash scattering itself is common, but there are so many different ways people can do it. Drone scattering is becoming increasingly popular, and we’ve helped facilitate hot air balloon scattering. Some people also have really personal stories behind ash scattering. For example, a man had lifeguards at Broadbeach take his mum’s ashes out to the ocean because she was a lifesaver and involved in the life-saving clubs for years.”

Ashes In a Joke Box

“A simple request, but one that we found incredibly creative and funny was a customer who wanted his ashes put into a box with a sign that said ‘Do Not Resuscitate”. Talk about true blue Aussie humour.”

Ashes In Travel-Safe Vials

“Some other popular requests we get from customers are fireworks displays, planting trees in ashes, and ashes being divided into small vials so different family members can take these with them on their travels, avoiding any FOMO after death here.”

Ashes On a Sports Field or Court

“There was a man who didn’t have any family, so his neighbour organised his cremation. When they were sorting through the deceased’s belongings there was a tonne of tennis memorabilia (the guy was a good tennis player), so the neighbour got approval to scatter the man’s ashes at Kooyong tennis court in Victoria.”

Ashes Mixed With Their Pets’

“Pet lovers out there sometimes ask to have their pet’s ashes mixed in with their own. In fact, the same thing can be done with spouses, ensuring couples are together until death do us part, and beyond.”

Ashes Driven in a Sports Car

“Another simple idea, executed beautifully was a family that organised for their deceased (who loved cars) to have their ashes driven around in a sports car, their last big drive. The family didn’t have the budget for a traditional funeral so wanted something affordable and personal.”

Ashes Made Into Tattoos

“People getting tattoos in memory of their loved ones is also a popular one. Some even use their loved one’s ashes in the tattoo ink.”

Ashes Made Into Shotgun Pellets

“Finally, living his great passion to the end and beyond, a loyal member of a shooting club requested for his ashes to be put into shotgun pellets, for his club to then shoot said pellets.”

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