The Top 10 Most Searched for Australian Holiday Destinations Are Definitely Dreamy


Recently, the Australian Government announced it would halve the price of nearly 800,000 flights across the country as part of a new $1.2 billion package designed to encourage Aussies on a domestic trip.

Applying to tickets with a travel period between April and July, the half-price tickets will take travellers to 13 regions that would, in any other year, rely heavily on international tourism.

These destinations include the Gold Coast, Cairns, the Whitsundays and Mackay region (Proserpine and Hamilton Island), the Sunshine Coast, Lasseter and Alice Springs, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie, Broome, Avalon, Merimbula, and Kangaroo Island.

Looking at recent data from Booking.com, it’s clear to see how Aussies have reacted to the excitement of the half-price ticket scheme. The top 10 most-searched destinations for May to September feature three of the government’s determined destinations, plus a bunch of other stunning spots you’ve probably humoured visiting now that domestic travel is back on the cards.

According to Booking.com data, these are the top 10 most searched destinations Aussie travellers are hoping to visit in 2021.

  1. Gold Coast
  2. Port Douglas
  3. Darwin
  4. Broome
  5. Cairns
  6. Hamilton Island
  7. Thredbo
  8. Jindabyne
  9. Sydney
  10. Airlie Beach
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While predominantly summer destinations, it seems Australians are also keen to make up for last winter, which collectively we spent more or less indoors and at home. Looking either to beat the winter chill or embrace the cold, holiday spots in tropical north Queensland proved slightly more popular than the winter ski fields in NSW.

But there’s a catch. No matter where we’re hoping to go, the general consensus is that we’d like to do it on a budget. Booking.com’s recent Future of Travel report revealed more than two thirds (63%) of travellers are now more price-conscious when it comes to searching and planning a trip.

And if that includes you, then you’d do well to be ready to score a half-price airfare when the airlines drop discounted tickets later this week.

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