New Survey Reveals Australia’s Favourite Sex Position and It Couldn’t Be More Appropriate

australia favourite sex positions

Australia is famous for its huge crocs, huge sharks, and huge spiders (in a 1970’s Paul Hogan kind of way – which, to be fair, is still how most of the world sees us). Now, consumer information company WeThrift has crunched the numbers to discover that Aussies love getting it on in the name and (kind of) the shape of their unofficial mascot: the spider.

Never heard of it? Us either, but we’ll let you Google that one to figure it out.

According to data pulled from Google, website analytics tool Ahrefs, and, of course, PornHub, WeThrift has analysed thousands of our search terms to uncover some pretty intriguing insights into how our internet history plays into, and shapes, our sexual desires and, presumably, actions.

The spider is, according to this data, the most popular way that Aussies like to have sex and the only country where this position topped the list. The reverse cowgirl is the most popular position worldwide, coming in first across a third of the nations surveyed. The 69 and the athletic variation, the standing 69, is the most popular across Europe and India – where the Karma Sutra was written.

The Irish apparently love giving the butter churner a go, which sounds pretty horrifying but, again, we’ll leave that one for you to figure out. This position gained popularity in the country after being mentioned on an episode of the Irish dating show, Love Island, in 2020.

The company also revealed the world’s most popular porn categories, with MILF being the most popular search term in almost half of the nations surveyed. In the words of Aussie comedian Dan Rath, it’s really the only category of fetish that makes sense, as it’s the only one your girlfriend is likely to turn into.

The MILF category, according to the data, pertains to women between the ages of 30 and 50 however Aussies appear to prefer their pornstars slightly older, with ‘mature’ coming in as the most popular search term. This refers to women in the above 50 age range, with WeThrift writing:

“The average life expectancy in Mexico is 75 years, while in Australia it is 83 years, giving Australians eight extra years to live out their deepest, maturest sexual fantasies”.

The research also covered sex toys, revealing that Australians are in good company with their preference for cock rings. 10 other countries out of the 30 surveyed searched for them more than anything else, while 12 countries in total favoured butt plugs. Between the two, these make up the most popular items for 83% of the data.

Finally, WeThrift also looked at the most searched for questions around sex to find that ‘how to squirt’ is far and away the most popular search term when it comes to intimacy.

“Squirting is something you are only able to do if you have a vagina, so the sheer volume of people Googling the answer to this question implies that women are far more curious about delving into those deep unknowns regarding sex,” the company writes.

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