Homewares Are Hot In Lockdown: These Are the Items Everyone Is Buying From IKEA

IKEA bookshelf

I don’t think I’m alone in wondering about the shopping habits of others. What items do people impulse buy? Which ones do they really think about? During lockdown in Sydney, my curiosity has only grown. In this very strange situation, what are people now shopping for?

I put the question to IKEA. Because if there’s any type of item folks are now ‘adding to cart’, it’s homewares. And turns out, within the category, there are some very specific items they’re buying.

“Over the last month, bedroom furniture has consistently been the highest-performing area of the store, followed by ‘store and organise’ items,” says a rep for the brand. “The most popular products within these three areas showcases that storage is top of mind for everyone, as people are taking the time to reorganise and tidy certain areas of the home.”

So, what for the bedroom and storage solutions, are people buying and what is that saying about their lockdown life? According to IKEA’s data, the most popular items are the JONAXEL basket and KOMPLEMENT shelves, which shows that people are taking the time to reorganise their clothes-storing solutions.


Also, on the top-buys list are the BILLY bookcase — in white, if you’re wondering — and the KALLAX shelving unit, also in white. This means people are making sure they have effective storage spaces beyond their bedroom and into their lounge room areas, too.

“Finally, this trend of organisation continues into our third most popular area of the store over the last month — kitchens,” says the rep. “Items such as the VARIERA boxes and VARIERA shelf inserts are among the most popular items, showing that consumers are also taking the time to organise their pantry space.”

IKEA kitchen
VARIERA Shelf insert. Image: IKEA

So, there you have it: the top homewares buys during lockdown. If you’re keen to see what else people — well, our team — have bought during lockdown, head here.

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