Airbnb’s Top 5 Most Wishlisted Homes in Lockdown

Being cooped up inside for months — while a necessary measure in the fight against coronavirus — hasn’t stopped us from daydreaming about the trips we’ll take when restrictions lift. And now, as lockdown measures begin to ease in NSW and around Australia (June 1, baby!), those Down Under are starting to take joy in planning their first post-iso escapes.

While the situation around the world differs between countries, one notion rings true: the appetite to travel and experience new places prevails. And according to new data from Airbnb, users have absolutely been spending their time in lockdown browsing wanderlust-worthy listings for future visits.

“As communities around the world slowly begin to open their doors, the idea of future travel is beginning to inspire those at home. Airbnb internal data reveals early signs of future trip planning through search and wish lists created by guests ready to reconnect with each other and the world,” Airbnb says in a press release.

“From cosy cabins to poolside respites for summer, the outdoors are calling out to those who have stayed at home to protect themselves and those around them.”

Since March, these five listings below have seen the most popularity on the entire Airbnb platform. When worldwide borders open once more, you can just about guarantee these listings will be booked out into the next decade.

1. Villa Sanglung, Indonesia

Villa Sanglung, situated in the north of Bali, is completely surrounded by nature with uninterrupted ocean views over an expansive infinity pool. The dwelling comfortably hosts eight guests and offers complete privacy starting from $150 a night.

villa sanglung

2. Private beach house, Brazil

This stunning Brazillian beach house is located on 1.5 hectares of private property with exclusive beach access. With panoramic ocean views (you may spot a whale or two), the property sleeps eight and starts from around $81 a night.


3. Hector Cave House, Greece

Hector Cave House in Santorini has sat carved into the Caldera Cliff for more than 250 years. Originally a wine cellar, the now-one-bedroom suite welcomes travellers seeking a romantic escape. Ideal for one or two couples, the property has a lofted bed and beautiful balcony pool. This one doesn’t come cheap, starting from around $1,000 a night.

santorini airbnb

4. Hideout Bali, Indonesia

The Hideout eco-escape is hidden in mountains of the Gunung Agung volcano, a far way from the hustle and bustle. The all-bamboo dwelling is ideal for adventurous travellers, and offers luxurious solitude from $242 a night.


5. Underground Hygge, United States

You may assume this quaint dwelling to sit in New Zealand, but the Underground Hygge is actually located in Orondo, Washington. It’s nestled into the Columbia River Gorge mountainside and makes for an unforgettably cosy getaway starting from $609 a night.


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