The Headlines: Royalists Relax, Australia Isn’t Becoming a Republic Anytime Soon

Welcome to September 15: Where the news is coming in thick and fast. There’s no time for pleasantries, no time for bants, so let’s dive straight into today’s most pressing headlines:

The Republic of Australia Debate Is Still a While Away 

Our Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has stated that he’s not ready to fight for Australia to become a republic. Moreover, as per The Guardian, he’s made some compelling points as to why this conversation can wait. 

“I want Australians to concentrate on the Voice to Parliament,” stated Albanese.

“If you think about the counterfactual, it, to me, is inconceivable, that the next change that we need for our constitution is anything other than recognising that our national birth certificate, which is what the constitution represents, should acknowledge that our history didn’t begin in 1788.”

Now, if you’re not up to speed as to what the Voice to Parliament is, then here’s the lowdown. According to Professor Megan Davis, Cobble Cobble woman and Co-Chair of Uluṟu Dialogue, “The Voice will advise our government of the day on matters concerning the lives of First Nations Peoples.”

Davis also said, “The Voice will improve the lives of First Peoples, finally giving us a say in the laws and policies that affect us.”

It makes a lot of sense to get this sorted before discussing whether or not Australia should go solo.

As Albanese explained, “Getting constitutional change in this country is very difficult. We know that that’s the case. We had a vote, for example, about the republic at the end of the last century and it is difficult to get the change through. The idea that you would have multiple debates at once is, I think, not feasible.”

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The WHO Believes That the COVID Pandemic Might End Soon

In some very hopeful news, the WHO’s Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has expressed that the COVID pandemic could actually end. This is partly thanks to vaccines, masks, lockdown, and communities working together. Reuters believes that this is the most positive assessment that this organisation has provided since January 2020.

Ghebreyesus wants the countries of Earth to keep up the good fight, not get complacent, and remain vigilant. He noted, “Now is the time to run harder and make sure we cross the line and reap the rewards of all our hard work.”

The Queen is Now Chilling at Westminster Hall For Four Days

Once again, it’s time to review what’s happening with all the pomp and pageantry of  Queen Elizabeth II‘s burial traditions. Because when the monarchy is involved, a funeral is never a simple process.

The ABC has outlined that Queen Elizabeth’s coffin is currently at Westminster Hall. It will be accessible to the public for four days. She will then be moved across the road to Westminster Abbey for her August 19 funeral. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Made Some Announcements At a Recaptured Ukrainian City

As The Latch has been reporting, Ukraine has recently been unbelievably successful at repelling Russian forces. They have taken back a stunning 6000 sq km and are not backing down. Furthermore, The New York Times has confirmed that Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has even left the safety of Kyiv to make some remarks in the recaptured city of Izium.  

“Today, when we look up, we are looking for only one thing: The flag of Ukraine,” stated Zelensky.

“Our blue and yellow flag is already flying in de-occupied Izium. And it will be so in every Ukrainian city and village.”

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