Think Period Undies Made From Recycled Materials Can’t Be Sexy? Think Again

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Period undies have a come long way since first launching onto the scene as bulky briefs, available in limited colours and styles. Today, you’ll find all kinds of period undies on the market, from high-waisted and tummy-tucking, to dainty and lacy.

That said, however, it was always tricky to track down a pair in a seam-free, thong style. Up until now, that is. This month, Australia’s original period and leak-proof undies brand Modibodi released two styles, one of them ticking both of those boxes.

The Recycled Seam-free Thong, $27, is not only invisible underneath activewear, tight jeans and body-con skirts and dresses (it’s also low-rise so doesn’t dig in), but, even better, as its name suggests, it’s made from mostly recycled material — specifically, 73% recycled nylon.

And while these undies are definitely not meant to be worn on the heaviest day of your flow, they do come with a built-in lining that’ll allow for period spotting, light discharge and any drips, and have a breathable, anti-microbial lining that’ll absorb any odour.

Image: Modibodi

If you are looking for period undies suitable for a day with a heavier flow, the other new style Modibodi recently released, the Recycled Seam-free Hi-Leg Cheeky, $32, might suit. They have a high-cut leg and a cheeky Brazilian cut at the back, as well as a built-in lining that’ll absorb the equivalent of moderate-to-heavy tampons. Also, the undies are super comfy, designed to fit even dancers and gymnasts who can leap, twist and tumble in them, all without fear of leaks under their leotards.

Image: Modibodi

Both new styles are available in black or cashew. And, while both are super affordable already, especially when you factor in the savings cost of all the tampons you now won’t be using, we’ve got a discount code to get them at an even better price. Enter ‘MODIBODI2021’ for 15% off (minimum spend is AU$120 and excludes the use of gift cards and maxi and can’t be used with any other offers).

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