Modern Rocking Chairs Are Trending, But Consider These 4 Things When Styling Them

Modern rocking chair

When you think rocking chair, you likely think of a wooden chair in a nursery, used to rock a baby to sleep. Or you might think of a much treasured, but heavily weathered rocking chair on a porch, used by a grandparent who loves relaxing, while still being able to observe neighbourhood life.

The modern rocking chair isn’t like either of these chairs that might come to mind. In recent years, rocking chairs have taken on sleek and innovative designs, with clean lines, minimalistic silhouettes and a focus on simple geometric shapes.

“Nowadays, there is a wealth of designs on offer that bring this classic piece of furniture firmly up to date,” writes House Beautiful. “Think chic shapes, plush upholstery and sleek chrome rockers — including plenty without a wooden spindle in sight.”

Modern rocking chair
Image: M+Co Living

Dean Davis, co-founder of Australian interiors brand M+Co Living, says he’s observed another update to rocking chairs: more sustainability components. “Many modern rocking chairs use eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods, catering to environmentally conscious consumers,” he says.

The beauty of modern rocking chairs, however, is that they’re a symbol of relaxation and hospitality, says Davis. Though they originated in the US, they’ve making their way inside Australian homes and their porches, bringing with them that association.

Modern rocking chair
Image: Amazon

If you are adding a rocking chair to your space, there are a couple things to keep in mind, listed ahead.

Choose the Right Location

Firstly, consider where the rocking chair will be placed, says Davis. Whether it’s in a living room, bedroom, nursery or on a porch, the location will influence the overall style and purpose of the chair.

Complement the Theme

Next, match the style of the rocking chair with the existing decor of the room.

“For instance, if your space is modern and minimalist, opt for a sleek and contemporary rocking chair,” Davis says. “If your space leans more toward rustic or traditional, a wooden or upholstered rocking chair might be a better fit.”

Modern rocking Chair Amazon
Image: Amazon

Add Comfort

Also, be sure to enhance the comfort of the rocking chair with cushions, throws and pillows — and, if it’s on a porch, opt for outdoor cushions.

“Choose textiles that not only provide a soft touch, but also coordinate with the colour scheme and style of the room,” says Davis. “You could also pair the chair with a small side table for holding drinks or snacks.”

Consider Lighting

“Finally, if the rocking chair is in a darker corner in your home, consider adding a floor or table lamp nearby to provide adequate lighting for reading or relaxation,” says Davis.

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