Not All Heroes Wear Clothes: Model Raises Over $1 Million Sending Nudes for Bushfire Relief

model bushfire nude

LA model, Kaylen Ward, has raised an estimated US $700,000 (AU $1,009,050) by offering nude photos to fans and followers who donate more than US $10 to Australian bushfire relief.

The influencer, who also goes by The Naked Philanthropist, Tweeted Saturday: “I’m sending nudes to every person who donates at least $10 to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia.”

Alongside her Tweet, Ward listed nearly 20 donation services including the NSW Rural Fire Service, Australian Red Cross, and WIRES. All fans had to do to receive a nude pic was donate to any of the listed services and send a screenshot of a receipt.

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Within hours, Ward had raised US $5,000 ⁠— a feat she had never expected but was thrilled to have achieved nonetheless.

“Guys. I’m so happy right now I am crying. We’ve officially donated $5,000 to save Australia. Thank you all so much!,” she wrote.

The following day — and after another $30,000 in donations — Ward enlisted four of her friends to help verify the donation receipts and distribute nude photos.

One fan in particular donated $5,000. Now he will receive 50 racy images and videos.

At the time of writing, Ward has raised over AU $1 million. Her original Tweet has more than 63k retweets and 142k likes.

In an unfortunate twist of events, Ward’s Instagram has been deactivated with the app claiming her account had violated guidelines with “sexually suggestive content.”

She is working to get her account back up and running, but will be providing updates on the unconventional donation campaign via Twitter in the meantime.

While some have criticised her means of raising money for the Bushfires currently decimating the landscape and wildlife of our beautiful country, Ward’s campaign, for the most part, has been praised and received with messages of support from all over the world.

In response to her fundraising efforts, one Twitter user wrote: “She really out here harvesting raw horny energy for a good cause. Mad respect.”

Another Tweeted: “She’s doing more work out here than their government.”

As for how The Naked Philanthropist is coping with her newfound fame? “My family disowned me and the guy I like won’t talk to me all because of that Tweet,” she writes, adding:

“But fuck it, save the koalas.”

If you can, please consider donating to one of the organisations below — your donation will directly benefit bushfire victims, communities and animals affected. 
Donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service
Donate to the Victorian Bushfire Relief
Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund
Donate to the Salvation Army Disaster Appeal
Donate to St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal
Donate to WIRES