The Big Things That Everyone Wants to Know About ‘Million Dollar Island’

Facts Alert: Million Dollar Island is a series with a tonne of intrigue. Who will be going home tonight? Who will be betrayed? Will a single person leave this island with a million literal dollars? All of these questions are plaguing us, as we gobble-gobble each episode. But we want more. We need more. We want to know what’s going on behind the scenes of Million Dollar Island.

For example, how do all these contestants go to the toilet? How much stuff can they bring? How are the players kept safe? 

We did some digging, and we’re ready to answer these questions right now.

Million Dollar Island: How Do They Go to the Toilet?

Despite what the paranoid might believe, the Million Dollar Island contestants do not head off to fancy hotels after filming wraps for the day. They stay on the Langkawi island. In fact, these folks don’t even have their own toilets. They had to share latrines, by which we mean the old long drop.

That’s right, there were no flushable toilets. Talk about doing it all for the money.

How Much Can The Constants Bring With Them?

Each Million Dollar Island contestant can bring only 10kgs worth of items. Additionally, they were encouraged not to bring a lot of sentimental stuff. 

“You must set yourself up for success before you step foot on the island,” said Million Dollar Island host Ant Middleton. “Protective and warm clothes, and decent footwear, are a must. And always pack a positive mindset.”

How Does Million Dollar Island Keep Everyone Safe?

If a Million Dollar Island contestant was injured or became ill while filming the competition series, there were international paramedics, local doctors, and first-aiders on site to help them. Each contestant had 24/7 support. 

What’s more, these players were taught which animals and plants they should avoid. This was to prevent them from getting attacked or poisoned. They were also told about foods that would be safe to forage.

The players also had access to sunscreen, to ensure that they weren’t burnt to a crisp during the sunny days on the island. In fact, the players went through 445 bottles of sunscreen over the 32 days that Million Dollar Island was filmed.

Is the Million Dollar Island Worth a Million Dollars?

No, despite what the series name would suggest, Million Dollar Island’s filming location isn’t for sale. In fact, this island is a priceless treasure.

Million Dollar Island airs at 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 7 and 7 Plus. Miss an episode? Catch up on 7 Plus.

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