A Million Dollar Question: When Does ‘Million Dollar Island’ Start?

We know the question on everyone’s lips right now is “when does Million Dollar Island start?” — we’re keen for it, too!

Million Dollar Island stars 100 Aussies on a remote desert island. All of these individuals are wearing a bracelet worth $10,000. 

These folks are then forced to steal, trade, and compete for said bracelets. If one person were to score every bracelet, they would become a millionaire. However, we don’t know how this series will end as of yet.

But when does Million Dollar Island start? Let’s get to the bottom of this question.

Where to Watch Million Dollar Island 2023

Million Dollar Island 2023 will be airing on both Channel 7 and the 7plus app. 

However, if you need your Million Dollar Island fix now, here’s an A+ trailer for you to pine over:

Million Dollar Island Start Date

Channel 7’s Million Dollar Island will kick off at 7pm on Monday, June 12.

What Would We Do With a Million Dollar Island?

If The Latch had a million dollar island, we would immediately sell it. We would then use that money to bribe Channel 7 into telling us when Million Dollar Island starts. 

That’s how much answering this question means to all of us. That’s how much satisfying you means to us. 

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