Microsoft Is Fixing One Of Your Biggest Grievances When Presenting a PowerPoint In Teams

microsoft teams powerpoint

Fifth Harmony was definitely predicting the future when the band released the bop “Work From Home” in 2016 — we’ve been living it for over 12 months now (except, less sexy). Yep, collectively, the majority of us pivoted to working from home and have simultaneously dealt with the trials and tribulations that have come with it.

There have been tips on working from home, there’s been working from home burnout (and tips for that as well). An osteopath has provided seven ways to make your home office healthier. Oh, and work stress, the pesky little thing, is still very much a thing even when working from home.

Pivoting to working online hasn’t been the easiest. There’s the dependence that every individual will have as strong an internet connection as the office does, there’s the constant “you’re on mute” — or, somehow a worse gaffe, that you’re not on mute — and there’s the issue Microsoft Teams has had with PowerPoint. “Death by PowerPoint”, the issue has been dubbed.

Well, we can’t help with the first two points (sorry!), but we can give you some good news on the last one — the Microsoft Teams one.

Turns out, they’re introducing a new feature called PowerPoint Live. As for what it does?  According to Tech Radar, it will allow presenters to start PowerPoint presentations directly within a Teams meeting — without needing to share your screen with the rest of the meeting’s audience. Take that compatibility and privacy issues!

There’s also the option to co-present or to even have multiple presenters, which is definitely a stumbling block for Teams users right now. People in the meeting can respond with live reactions; presenters will be able to view the chatbox and the PowerPoint at the same time.

It’s currently only available to users in the Office Insider program, but the publication says the wider rollout is anticipated for later on in the year.

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