The Headlines: Will Mark Zuckerberg Rename Facebook? Again?

Meta’s AI Rebrand

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg
Image: Getty Images

In 2021, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made a thick call. He said that the metaverse and vibing in virtual reality was the future. At the time, Zuckerberg was so confident in this prediction that he rebranded his entire kingdom. The Facebook Company became Meta.    

However, this reality never eventuated. As of October 2022, Meta’s metaverse has less than 200,000 active users. What’s more, Zuckerberg’s virtual reality obsession might be over. According to an internal document from 2023, Meta might get an AI rebrand. 

In a research email, Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Boswort, wrote: “Keep an eye on Zuckerberg’s newfound love with all things AI. It seems that the year of efficiency is winding down, and a name change to MetAI is now possible.”

Zuckerberg’s AI fascination comes on the cusp of ChatGPT blowing up. It seems as if every tech company is now jumping aboard this bandwagon.

Your Meds Might Be Super Cheap Soon

Meanwhile, down in Australia, our medical services are in for a shake-up. From September, Aussies will be able to collect two months’ worth of medicine when presenting a script to a pharmacist. At the moment, you can only buy one month of medicine at a time. 

Additionally, when this change takes place, the price of our scripts aren’t increasing. This means that some medicines will drop in consumer cost by 50%.

“Consumers are telling us that they can’t afford their health care,” said the Consumers Health Forum of Australia’s CEO, Elizabeth Deveny

“Many of them are really struggling to pay for things like their rent or their mortgage, and then making the decision not to pay for their medicines. We see this change to prescribing as one way to reduce the costs of healthcare. This will allow many Australians to afford the health care that they actually need.”

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The Inspired Unemployed’s TV Series

The Inspired Unemployed
Image: Paramount

It’s official: The Inspired Unemployed have blown the heck up. This comedy group has millions of followers, posted skits that go viral, and even made some content with Margot Robbie. Furthermore, the creators of this account, Jack Steele and Matt Ford, are now making a Paramount series. 

In a joint statement, Steele and Ford said, “We are so stoked to be working with Paramount ANZ on this TV show, from the first video we ever made our goal was to always have a TV show and for it to actually be happening is a dream come true. We’ve always believed that laughter is the best medicine, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to spread joy and positivity to even more people through this platform.”

Now, as it stands, not much else is known about this series. However, based on the content that Steele and Ford produce, there’s a decent chance that the backbone of it will be skits.

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