Say Goodbye to the Iso Beard: Expert Shares Grooming Trends for 2021

Mens Grooming Trends 2021

It’s safe to say, regardless of gender, we’re all ending this year a bit hairier than we started.

Especially men – many a man has been rocking a bit of iso-scruff.  According to award-winning hair educator Jules Tognini and ambassador for Bulldog Skincare, this is all set to change come in the new year.

“2020 wreaked havoc on guys’ grooming routines, but the tide is definitely turning,” said Tognini. “[Men] are starting to experiment with new styles, and paying greater attention to their daily grooming.”

In fact, new research has revealed that 42% of men are planning to experiment with a new grooming style in the New Year. Here are the three grooming styles you should keep an eye on in 2021:

1. Taming the Lockdown Beard

When it comes to beards, just like Elsa, men have really let it go. However, the novelty of really long and unruly facial hair is set to wear off. Men are going to be paying more attention to their facial hair, keeping beards shorter, cleaner, and tidier – 58% said that’s their plan.

Just like hair on the head, you should be using shampoo and conditioner on your beard. Beard oil is a great step to keep your beard feeling soft – for you, and for anyone else who’s lucky enough to feel it. To keep any straggly hairs in place, and to bring it a healthy shine, a beard balm is a perfect thing to top your beard off.

2. Bringing Back the Mo’

Tognini says men are beginning to embrace the moustache in “all its glory,” in an attempt to have some fun and experimentation when it comes to grooming. Next time you’re (allowed) at the pub, have a look around – 1 in 10 men are looking to try out a new mo.

He suggests keeping it sharp and contained, and use a shaving gel to keep it looking perfect.

3. Getting on Top of Skincare

2021 will be the year men stop nicking their partner’s skincare and start buying their own. One in five men are planning to reboot their skincare regime – and yes, we mean more than just water and soap.

It might not quite be the 12 steps routine we women have committed to, but men will be scrubbing, washing, and moisturising on a daily basis (baby steps).

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