This Melbourne-Exclusive Dating App Will Plan Your Dates For You


Online dating has always been a divisive topic. Although dating apps were always a natural evolution in a world of increasing online connection—and saved so many of us during lockdown—they don’t work for everyone.

Some people love them, some people are embarrassed by them and some flat-out refuse to use them. But one thing I’ve always wondered is; why don’t people just meet up straight away?

The biggest ‘issue’ with online dating, is that people claim to find the person less attractive or “not what they were expecting” IRL, having chatted to them online for weeks, or sometimes months.

It seems that others have asked the same question, as there’s a new dating app in town; and it’s all about meeting up IRL.

Meet Boop: a dating app for Melburnians, that encourages them to take their spark offline, and into one of the many incredible venues to city has to offer.

They want to get cute singles together to enjoy all that the Melbourne hospitality industry has to offer and so they’ve created an app that won’t just get you laid (hopefully) and in love, but will encourage you to try a new venue with exclusive offers and discounts.

Boop has partnered with heaps of venues across Melbourne, which then allows them to give their users curated lists of the best spots to go on a first date, as well as offering them exclusive discounts when they actually go on their date.

It also means that the app is free for everyone to use, basing it’s whole revenue system on matches getting off the app and going out, which is the opposite to other dating apps.

“We just don’t believe people should have to pay for love,” says founder and CEO Rowan Castan.

“One of the main complaints we hear about other apps is their cost – post-pandemic, it’s more important than ever to connect with people (and venues), which is why all our features are accessible to all users.

“Because if you like someone, you shouldn’t have to pay to tell them.”

Here’s How it Works

Download and create a profile

Similar to every other dating app, you need to create a profile. You can download the app and create your profile here.

It asks a few simple questions about who you are and what you’re looking for, and asks you upload a few images.

Find a match

This allows you to browse through a newsfeed-like scroll of profiles, which is where you look for people you think you could vibe with. Then, you simple hit them up and start a chat.

Chat them up

Get to know them a bit. Try to envisage if they’re someone you could see yourself going on a date with. Maybe even chat about some of your favourite restaurants and bars, to get an idea of their taste.

Create a date

This is literally like a calendar invite. You and your match set a date, and time and choose from the locations and recommendations that Boop has on offer. You can make one yourself to send to your date, or vice versa. You can also make them together, which is super cute TBH.

Boop have partnerships with so many venues, from cocktails overlooking the Yarra, to rooftop cheese boards and hidden bars that are just quintessentially Melbourne—they basically take the pressure off having to come up with a creative first date idea. Genius.

Get your discount and (hopefully) a hot date

Check-in to the venue via the Boop app when you arrive, which will then give you a unique access code to 15% off for you and your date.

So, not only are you supporting the hospitality industry in Melbourne at a time when it needs our love and support most, but you’re trying someone new with a person you think is cute. It’s a win win.

You can download Boop here.

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