Eat More Sustainably in 2023 With the Help of Everyone’s Favourite Condiment

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We’re all looking to live more sustainably, right? Whether it’s walking instead of driving, swearing off single-use plastics as much as we can, or even just committing to recycling better, we all know that those little tips and tricks around the house can help us live just that little bit greener.  

But, when it comes to the kitchen, cooking and eating more sustainability can present some challenges. Minimising your food waste can feel restrictive and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. In fact, a colossal — and shameful — third of all food produced globally each year goes to waste.  

You’ll be surprised to know though that some staple ingredients that are almost 100% sitting in your pantry or fridge right now can help you on your sustainability journey, including — wait for it — mayonnaise.  

Yep, you read that right: Mayo.  

The saviour of sandwiches and salads nationwide can also help you to limit your food wastage — one of the best ways to boost your kitchen’s sustainability. Mayonnaise is a surprisingly versatile staple, and is an easy way to add delicious flavour bombs to fresh produce that’s about to reach its use-by date, meaning you won’t have to throw it out.  

Hit That Sweet Pub Feed Spot

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Got some leftover potatoes that you’re waiting to chomp into and are just on the verge of no return? Slice them up, fry them up, grab some sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise from the fridge and you’ve got wedges that’ll satisfy your pub-feed cravings (and save a bunch of money and waste as well). 

Take Your Frying Game To The Next Level

frying chicken mayo
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We all know mayonnaise is just eggs + oil + some type of acid, likely vinegar or even lemon juice. When you break it down, those are ingredients that are found in almost any dish, and often serve as aids for cooking itself, so it can be used in ways you might not often think of. For instance, if there’s chicken in the fridge that’s almost done for, and you’re out of oil, bring mayo to the rescue. Coating the chicken with mayo will not only help as a frying agent, but it will also keep the moisture in the meat, allowing for a succulent bite that might have otherwise been lost. 

Feed Your Fam With Frittata

frittata mayo save food
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It’s no secret that frittatas are a great way to not only use veggies that are about to go off, but eggs as well. This versatile, any-time-of-day meal can be elevated even further with a helping of mayo or aioli. You can heap the sauce on to your heart’s delight as you pull the frittata out the oven, or even try and get a deeper, infused flavour by dolloping on top of the dish before you put it in. Either way, it’s a great method to round off a dish that’s doubling up as food waste prevention.  

So there you go, that mayo in your fridge can play a great role in helping you to live a little more sustainably. By using mayo to add delicious flavour to that fresh food that may be nearing the end of its shelf life you can save it from ending up in the bin. A win for your pocket and a win for the planet!  

If you want to take your food saving skills even further, take Praise’s food waste quiz to not only get a score based on what you’re already doing, but get those extra tips and tricks to become a food saving champion! 

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