Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s All-You-Can-Eat Fries Event Is Back

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is back in 2022 in a big way, kicking off on Friday, 25 March. We’ve been keeping our eye out for events that are going to keep you happy, there is, of course, The Convenient Store, and one that we’re definitely keen on is Maximum Chips.

Maximum Chips is a pretty easy sell. Two hours of bottomless hot chips of all shapes and sizes. Melbourne Food & Wine festival guest of honour Nigella Lawson has said that it’s the one event at the festival she’s most looking forward to.

Expect to see crinkle cut, shoestring, french fries, and maybe even a potato gem in front of you. There’s also a ‘Condiments Crew’ roaming around for all of your sauce, gravy, and salt needs.

Maximum Chips takes place on Friday, 25 March, you can buy tickets here.

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