This Maximalist Melbourne Pad Proves Loads of Colour Can Still Be Chic

Rubix Toorak home

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Maximalism, the styling idea that ‘more is more’, has been sweeping through the country. One great example of maximalist home decor was in Zoe Foster and Hamish Blake’s home, profiled in Vogue Living late last year. Another is Rubix, a colourful home in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Toorak.

Available for hire via Pure Locations, Rubix comfortably fits 20 if entertaining. It was built in the ‘80s and was recently renovated, though without touching the statement period features, including brick walls, high ceilings and ceiling roses.

The owner, who wishes to remain nameless, says they wanted the home to work for everyday living, entertaining and showcasing their art collection. “We were looking for a family home that opened up to the north to let in natural light, leaving the front of the house that faces south where all the cosy rooms are,” they say.

Rubix Toorak maximalist home
Image: Rubix Toorak

The front of the house shows the existing Victorian building structure, while the back of the house is a new extension that’s designed as a more modern building. The two buildings are joined in the middle by a passageway that sees you walking from dark to light, traditional to modern.

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“We were inspired by the juxtaposition of traditional architecture versus modern architecture,” the owner says. “In a way, it’s like travelling through time.”

Rubix, Toorak
Image: Rubix Toorak, Eve Wilson

Natural materials, such as bricks, marble, timber, ceramics and travertine, were used in the home’s construction. The owner says their favourite material combination is the stack bond brick wall with a travertine plinth. “There is no white in the house,” they say. “Instead, we have opted to use only grey in our paint colours and a splash of green in the kitchen.”

The kitchen’s cabinets are in forest green, beautifully contrasting to a marble backsplash and countertop. Other pops of colour, including mustard sofa, blue and cream patterned carpet and glass coffee table with pink legs. The owner says the furniture was all sourced deliberately to complement the framed modern art on the walls.

Rubix, Toorak
Image: Rubix Toorak, Eve Wilson

“Most pieces are sculptural in form, but also functional in use,” says the owner. “Colour played a huge role, working back in with the colour schedule of the home materials. A lot of furniture has been collected over time and curated especially for this home. Pieces are from local furniture companies and some from overseas.”

The owner says their favourite room in the home is the dining room where the largest collection of art, paintings and sculptures is housed. Because the room is a dark, warm grey, it allows the works to jump out and catch the eye.

So, how does the owner want guests to walk away feeling after spending time in the home? “My guests always feel different when they are in my home,” they say. “They feel energetic, playful, happy and mostly inspired.”

Rubix, Toorak
Image: Rubix Toorak, Eve Wilson

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