Pre or Post Natal Exercise? There’s Activewear for That

Blair Waldorf, TV and fashion icon, once uttered the wise philosophy that, “Fashion knows not of comfort. All that matters is the face you show to the world.” Clearly, the character wasn’t pregnant when she said that.

Activewear can already be a bit complex, even if you’re not expecting. Different leggings for different sports (and so many different lengths!), sports bras with a ridiculous amount of straps, mesh, moisture-wicking, compressed…it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And when you are expecting – well, it gets more complex.

One brand that’s making it easier for expectant mothers (as well as postnatal mothers), is slow-fashion activewear line, Lenny Rose Active. Designed by mums, for mums, founder Rosie Dumbrell is also a physiotherapist — the knowledge of which she incorporates throughout her brand.

When offered the opportunity to speak to Dumbrell one-on-one, The Latch jumped on it — maternity health, science and slow fashion? Talk about a triple win. See just what Dumbrell had to say about her brand below and how its ethos goes beyond just the clothing.

What differentiates Lenny Rose Active from other maternity activewear available?

As you know, the “key technical pieces” are physiotherapist designed, and according to Dumbrell are “a first of their kind to fuse support with style”. She believes they’re among the first to “achieve anatomical and postural support with seasonless, classic style”.

How did your experience through your three pregnancies shape the brand?

One of Dumbrell’s passions is health education. Specifically, “Educating women to look after their physical and mental health throughout the motherhood years, and educating women on the possibility of having a birth experience that is empowering and confidence-boosting.”

She’s currently in the process of expanding Lenny Rose Active’s sizing, including a larger size range of bras, and bottoms up to sizes 18-20. “It’s been a journey to get there, starting as a small solopreneur brand, but we’re gradually building out the range to my ideal size range, that includes a greater majority of amazing mama’s bodies.”

Another way her pregnancies have shaped the brand? Across the brand’s social media. Dumbrell’s committed to “using real mums, never photoshopping images,” and when she appears on socials she’ll be ‘unmade’, with mum bun in full flight.

How does science shape your products?

“I’m very anatomical and research-based in my approach,” explained Dumbrell, talking about how she’s combined years of study as a physiotherapist with ongoing studies in yoga, fitness and “particularly in the prenatal and postpartum spaces”.

Products are based on anatomical alignment, and what they know about posture, hormones and mood. “We know exercise participation is increased when women are in less pain, and when they’re confident with what their options are,” she said. 

Education is a big part of the brand, and they’re in conversation with a couple of universities “to take product claims and effectiveness to the next level.”

Why was it important for you to make a brand that was ‘slow fashion’?

“Many maternity brands are cheap, low quality and high churn products,” Dumbrell told The Latch, “which is a huge issue for both the environment and mamas pockets!”

A big part of what they do, according to her, is carefully design products to fit and flatter from pre to post-baby. Timeless, monochrome colours are also used, so they won’t be “out of fashion next season”. They’re also working on using more natural and recycled fabrics, incorporating them into the range.

Not only do they offer clothes, but Lenny Rose Active launched a podcast last year called Mama Matter, a “library of all of pregnancy and motherhood’s biggest questions, answered with expert advice”. There’s also an online pregnancy fitness and wellness membership, Rose Fit, which includes trimester specific workouts, yoga, birth education, mindfulness and nutrition information.

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