‘MasterChef’ Crowns Gareth as the Very First Dessert Master of Australia

Gareth Whitton, the MasterChef: Dessert Masters winner

MasterChef: Dessert Masters has crowned Gareth Whitton as its 2023 winner. Tonight, we watched as our three finalists — Jess Liemantara, Reynold Poernomo, and Gareth — battle in two rounds of pure, sugar-fuelled glory. 

The contestants put their skills to the test in an attempt to win $100,000 and claim the title of Australia’s bonafide Dessert Master. However, it was Gareth who rose through the ranks to the top.

What Happened in the MasterChef: Dessert Masters Finale?

The MasterChef: Dessert Masters finale began with Reynold, Gareth, and Jess all pitted against each other in a challenge. They had to plan, create, and serve a two-course menu that would satisfy 15 people. These dishes would then be judged by the two hosts, Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon. 

Course One

To kick things off, Reynold created a dish called Floral. This dessert was a mix of elderberry sake and strawberry puree on top of a jasmine gelato. 

When the judges tasted this dish, they were very impressed.

“It’s got a lush and creamy texture,” Mellisa noted.

“The jasmine gelato is silky smooth,” Amaury added.

Meanwhile, Jess made an incredibly ambitious dessert. Her dessert was a strawberry chiboust. By the way, a chiboust is a light pastry which is filled with folded meringue. 

However, the two judges were not as impressed with this dish, feeling that its presentation was rushed.

Last but not least, Gareth made a rhubarb tart. However, this was no ordinary tart. This tart was served with a raspberry jam and some pistachio ice cream. 

The person who struggled most with the first course was Gareth. This is because he accidentally cut himself right before serving time. His hand was covered in blood, and he went whiter than a ghost. 

“I need a glove,” Gareth called as washed his hand underwater.

“This is not the best of times for this to happen.”

Luckily though, the two judges still enjoyed this dessert. 

“There is a bite. There is texture,” Amaury exploded, “I love the sponge.”

“This is very, very solid cooking from Gareth,” Melissa said.

Course Two

Reyonld’s second dish was made of pieces of honeycomb with a citrus profile. This piece of honeycomb came with creamy parfait.

When the two judges tried this dish, they disagreed. Melissa found this to be artful and elegant. Amaury thought that the parfait was too frozen.

But what did Jess whip up? Well, she made strawberry mousse that was topped with white chocolate flowers, served with a side of raspberry sorbet. However, in a tragic twist, this sorbet was too hard.

“The sorbet is a little too grainy,” Amaury said. 

“I think she did an incredible job,” Melissa disagreed again.

For a second course, Gareth made a wattleseed and chocolate mousse. It was yet another dish that the judges devoured.

“It’s not too sweet, but it’s not overly bitter,” Amaury explained.

“This is a Dessert Master.”

The MasterChef: Dessert Masters Winner

During the judging Amaury and Melissa put Jess in last place, Reynold in second, and Gareth in first. This made Gareth Australia’s first ever Dessert Master. Unsurprisingly, he was lost for words.

“Surreal,” Gareth exclaimed. “I never expected to end up in the finale.”

A MasterChef: Dessert Masters Reflection

This MasterChef finale was the perfect cherry on this sundae of a season. Everyone has loved the dessert-focused episodes and all the iconic faces they brought back. From Anna Polyviou to Adriano Zumbo, the cast of this season was stacked. 

Even the show’s two judges, Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon, were stoked with how Dessert Masters has shaped up. In fact, they were excited about this season before it officially kicked off. 

“Desserts have the capacity to be magical,” Leong said before the Dessert Masters’ premiere. “I’m excited to see what these talented chefs are capable of when let loose in the MasterChef kitchen.”

While MasterChef: Dessert Masters may be over for 2023, the good news is that it will be back in 2024. Network Ten confirmed the show’s renewal at its upfronts in October.

Until then, you can relive the sugar rush, with all episodes of MasterChef: Dessert Masters streaming now on 10 Play.

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