I Swear By This Simple, Affordable Item That’ll Elevate Any Room

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I’m always on the hunt for ways to make my home look ‘styled’, and in a bid to do this, I pore over photos of beautiful interior spaces. One thing I’ve noticed again and again in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens that I consider to be aesthetically pleasing is the inclusion of one simple item: a marble or travertine tray.

While both marble and travertine are hard, sturdy stones, marble, which is smoother and has a more solid surface than travertine, tends to be more expensive. Both, however, are often used to make trays you can display around the home.

Marble tray
Image: No. 22

HomeGoods style expert Ursula Carmona says these trays are part of what she calls a “micro luxury” approach to interiors. The trend focuses on embracing plush, rich materials and textures that create a calming, high-end environment, she told publication PureWow earlier this year.

Without fail, marble or travertine trays add a touch of elegance to a bedside table and entertainment consoles, holding jewellery, fragrances or candles. In the kitchen, they can hold salt and pepper, or cooking oils and spices. And in the bathroom, they can keep handwash, lotion and any nice bottles you want to showcase.

Ahead, I’ve put together some of the top marble or travertine trays to shop.

No. 22 Travertine Tray, $129

Each of these trays are one-of-a-kind. Keep your keys, loose change or jewellery in it.

No 22 Travertine Tray

Organic Shaped Tray in Sculpted Travertine, $95.39

This irregular, organic-shaped tray was manually carved from travertine.

Organic Shaped Tray

Marble Ceramic Jewellery Tray, $13.99

This small tray can double as a dessert dish.

Marble Tray

Ceramic Serving Tray with Black and Marble Finish, $55.55

This ceramic, circular tray was hand-painted black and an underglaze was used to add a gold marble finish.

Country Road Loft Marble Tray, $55.95

Country Road products were made to last, and this tray carved from solid marble is no exception.

Country Road marble tray

Bed Threads Wavy Travertine Tray, $80

This tray with undulating edges can be used to place coffee cups or water glasses, candles or vase.

Wavy tray

Fenton & Fenton Marble Scalloped Tray, $140

These scalloped trays by a Melbourne-based interiors brand come in rose or green.

Fenton and Fenton Marble Scalloped Tray

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