Maison Balzac and Gelato Messina Team Up for a Honey-Scented Candle Good Enough to Eat


Maison Balzac accessories, scents and glass decor have gained cult status for their intoxicating fragrances, alluring silhouettes and chic appearance in the homes of interior obsessives everywhere.

Now, the Australian label has teamed up with yet another beloved icon in the culinary scene, Gelato Messina, for a memorable collaboration that looks as good as it smells and tastes. Allow us to explain.

Maison Balzac has been working with the Creative Department By Messina for about a year. The two first aligned on fitting out Messina posts with delicate glassware and perfumed candles that ultimately contributed to the “unique sensory ambience”, but now, they’ve taken their dalliance a step further.

Maison Balzac and the Creative Department have created two complementary candles that celebrate one of their favourite ingredients: Honey.

“Our brands were drawn together through our likeminded ethos; addiction to quality, playful nostalgia and intuitive design — creating a set of scented candles grounded by synesthesia,” Messina said in a press release.

The first scent is called ‘Miel d’Hiver’. Meaning ‘winter honey’ in French, the scent is described as “the sincere perfume of all plants pollinated by bees in winter”. With top notes of smoke, thyme and lemon, complemented by cedarleaf, frankincense, nutmeg and underpinned by tonka bean, palo santo and peru balsam, it’s a truly delightful scent to warm your home in these chillier months.

The second fragrance is called ‘Miel d’Ete’. Meaning ‘summer honey’, the scent is designed to be enjoyed as the “untainted perfume of all flowers pollinated by bees in summer”. More floral in its nature, the fragrance carries notes of Bergamot, galbanum, hyacinth, jasmine, orris, lily of the valley, and an earthy musk patchouli.

While both stand strong on their own, Maison Balzac has designed the candles to complement each other when burned simultaneously, so that a third scent is created for a “unique olfactive experience”.

Maison Balzac x Gelato Messina

In addition to the candles, the collaboration also includes a delicious new custom gelato flavour. Called Miel, the limited-edition taste sensation is made up of citrus-infused honey gelato with honeycomb and burnt honey caramel.

From today, the flavour is available in all Messina stores while the Maison Balzac x Messina candles can be purchased from Maison Balzac and select Gelato Messina stores that include Rosebery, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Bondi, Tramsheds, Fitzroy, South Brisbane and Fortitude Valley.

The Miel d’Hiver and Miel d’Ete candles will set you back $69 for a larger 300g size or $29 for 55g.

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