7 Airline Crew on the Packing Hacks They Swear By

Luggage packing hacks

Luggage packing hacks are tips you’d never considered that could make all the difference in travelling conveniently and comfortably. And when it comes to travel hacks, there are few people better to ask than those who fly the most frequently — airline crew.

We asked staff who work onboard Etihad Airways to share the packing tips they swear by. And, with tips like checking the weather of the destination before travelling, bringing a one-time hydrating mask and leaving a bit of extra space in case you decide to do some shopping, they delivered. Ahead are some of the best packing hacks, according to airline staff.

Packing hack
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Lieche Termia Klaasens – South Africa

“Formulate a packing list by dividing your list into categories such as clothing, toiletries, and electronics. This will help you pack smart,” says Klaasens.

She’s all about space-saving, too, suggesting you use packing cubes or compression bags to be able to fit more in. “Utilise space — fill empty spaces with smaller items like shoes and hats,” she says.

Ecaterina Dmitrenco – Romania

Dmitrenco suggests having in your carry-on a few items you use for travelling, like a jumper if it gets cold on the flight, a pen to fill out forms, and any reading material, so you don’t have to remove them from your luggage each time.

As for what she packs in her luggage, her essentials include comfortable clothes you can wear to any event, sunscreen and sunglasses.

“Pack in advance so you have time to ensure you’re bringing everything you need,” she says. “Write down a list on paper with the most important things you need to bring with you.”

Tahir Bakhtiyar Irani – India

Irani also suggests putting necessary travel items, like your passport, phone, wallet and medication, in your carry-on. Other carry-on items he thinks are essential are noise-cancelling headphones, eyeshades, eye drops, prescribed medication, chewing gum or hard candy to help release ear pressure, and a charger.

“Always check destination weather when packing clothes,” she says. “Don’t forget to keep some space in your luggage if you wish to do some shopping.”

George Alexandru Perte – Romania

Perte also suggests packing in advance to avoid rushing pre-flight, though he says one day beforehand is enough time.

“Be minimalistic and organised — gym clothes in one corner of the suitcase, going-out clothes in the other,” he says.

Sami Jahani – Sweden

“A good pair of shoes is always important,” Jahani says. “Pack a pair of pyjamas that you could also wear outside if it’s too hot. A warm and fuzzy hoodie is also a must for me when packing.”

Isabell Hofmann – Germany

Hoffman’s top three tips for packing efficiently? “First, pack in advance with a packing list, so you don’t forget anything. The second is to use packing cubes. And lastly, pack neutral colours that are easy to combine.”

Packing cubes
Image: Kathmandu

Daniel Norman Lassen – Denmark

Lassen swears by another tip previously mentioned: checking the weather of your destination before travelling. He also suggests packing light, but useful clothes, and always having an outfit for colder weather and one for warmer weather so you will never go wrong.

“Be sure to pack a small amenity kit containing a toothbrush, small deodorant, moisturiser for hands and lips and a charger for your phone,” he says. “A one-time hydrating face mask is also handy to have, especially on the longer flights.”

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