Aussies Say They Don’t Have the Energy to Return to Normal After Lockdown and Honestly, Same

low energy levels

With the easing of lockdown restrictions and the subsequent return to life as normal in locked down states, new research from Australian Bananas reveals that nearly half of Australians (46%) are nervous that they will not have enough energy to connect with others, exercise, or even commute when the restrictions ease.

The survey revealed almost three-quarters (74%) of Aussies feel they will need more energy post lockdown to carry out normal daily activities, and even leave the house.

Almost two thirds of those surveyed said that they are looking to boost their energy levels, with one in three intending to do so with a return to exercise routines, now that gyms and classes are back on, as well as reforming their diets that may or may not have devolved into 90% takeaway during lockdown.

Nutritionist Susie Burrell has said that Aussies can find motivation and the energy they need through diet changes.

“‘As we move back into the intensity of busy daily life, a nutrient rich diet is the foundation we need to fuel and nourish the body and the mind.

“It’s understandable that Aussies have mixed emotions about our daily routines changing again, especially as we look to start socialising.

“Creating a daily food plan that is packed full of natural, fresh unprocessed foods and regular meals and snacks is the first step in supporting energy regulation.”

The survey also highlights the fact that almost 70% of us feel that our daily routines have changed drastically when it comes to health and wellbeing since the start of the pandemic. 90% admit that they have not been hitting the recommended daily 10,000 steps and one quarter of these say they’ve been walking less that 1,000 steps per day. To be fair, when your commute is 10 steps, it’s easy to see how this can happen.

Still, as we all know, sleep, diet, and exercise are the three pillars of feeling good and even though you may not want to, getting back into a solid routine is likely to do wonders for your energy levels.

Burrell recommends eating food rich in B vitamins, particularly fruits.

“Bananas are a great choice to help boost your mood and regulate your blood glucose levels,” she said.

“At a time when many of us are feeling far from our best and are looking towards a busy few months ahead, making eating well a priority will go a long way in ensuring you have the fuel to do all the things you need”.

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