Lovehoney’s Epic Sale Drops Today, Taking 50% Off Its Highest-Rated Vibrators


Self-pleasure should be considered an essential part of the self-care rituals by which we must all make time in order to maintain both a healthy mind and body. And while most of us are born with the tools that can adequately get us off, sometimes, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a little help.

Sexual wellness devices have come a long way from the bright pink and intimating forms one may find in a sleazier sex shop. Nowadays, there are a number of tech-forward, inclusive brands creating self-pleasure tools that are designed to safely and effectively stimulate all areas of the body, to suit every relationship arrangement.

Lovehoney, arguably the biggest and one of the most diverse online retailers, stocks a wide variety of these. Tonight, the brand is kick off its Big Brand Event to help you find the one for you.

Kicking off at 4.00pm AEST, Lovehoney’s Big Brand Event sale is taking up to 50% off its biggest brands. Spanning across the entire catalogue of sexual wellness devices, lingerie and bondage accessories, and with brands Womanizer We-Vibe, and Lovehoney Desire taking part.

Some of the most notable deals include:

You can also score 20% off selected Womanizer and We-Vibe products, 10% off Fleshlight, 30% off Lovehoney Desire, and 30% off Blowmotion products.

Womanizer is soon to launch the world’s first eco-vibrator.

The sale comes at a time when a large number of Australians are keen to bring sexual devices into the bedroom. A 2020 Lovehoney survey found one in two Aussies felt they had become more sexually adventurous during lockdown, with 30% buying a sex toy during the isolation period.

Not sure what to get in the sale? Check out our round-up of the best sexual devices, and a review of a revolutionary new male masturbator.

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