Sydney’s Lord Gladstone Has Renamed Itself ‘Lord Jabstone’ and is Giving Out Free Beer to Vaxxed Punters

Iconic Sydney pub the Lord Gladstone Hotel, is renaming itself for a month to the Lord Jabstone Hotel and giving out free beer to vaxxed punters.

If an iconic pub renaming itself like this doesn’t inspire you to get vaxxed, we’re not sure anything will.

For the whole month of September, the hotel has rebranded into “The Jabby” and offering free Young Henry’s Beer to anyone who is vaccinated.

All you need to is show them your ‘post’ vaccination appointment or little blue vaccination card and they’ll gift you a tinnie of beloved Aussie craft beer to take away.

This initiative from the Lord Gladstone Hotel comes after the NSW Government have been pushing Sydney-siders to get vaxxed, due to the rising Covid-19 cases.

So get vaxxed, grab yourself a free Young Henry’s tinnie and we’re one step closer to being out of lockdowns.

See ya at The Jabby.

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