Logan Paul Addresses Gay Sex Tape Rumours

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has addressed his rumoured appearance in a gay sex tape video that was leaked to website Celeb Nudity. The site claims that the YouTube star is performing oral sex on another unnamed man in the video that hit the internet yesterday.

Addressing the rumours, Logan tweeted: “100k retweets and I’ll release the full sex tape,” and although he’s most likely kidding, the tweet has been retweeted 45.2k times in under 24 hours.

In fact, the YouTuber seems fairly unperturbed by the whole thing, and has been making light of the situation on Twitter, tweeting beauty blogger James Charles — no stranger to controversy himself — that he was “next”, whatever that means in this context. Charles responded “sorry bro, I only go for straight guys”, in reference to one of his own recent controversies.

Paul then went on to label the video “dick bait”, implying that no, it’s not actually him in the video, and to post a video of himself trying to drink an entire glass of water in one gulp.

Of course, this is all fairly tame on the scale of controversy for Logan Paul, as you’ll recall, he once filmed himself discovering a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest”.

YouTubers, hey? Another day, another drama.