Living for Free on a Tiny English Island Sounds Pretty Good Right About Now


Our collective wanderlust in tandem with a desire to escape whatever inevitable curveballs 2021 is set to throw our way has made this remote island opportunity feel like a no-brainer.

Lundy Island, located some 19km off the coast of southwest England, is recruiting for volunteer assistant wardens to help look after and make records the island’s diverse wildlife.

Renowned for its conservation efforts and sustainability values, Lundy Island hopes its next round of volunteers will help to continue protecting the island’s Atlantic Grey seal and seabird colonies.

The job, while unpaid, provides free accommodation and some meals on the island. Those interested in looking after the seabirds will be required to stay between April and July 2021, while volunteers hoping to get to know the seals better will need to make themselves available between July and September, 2021.

The assistant wardens’ work will involve looking after the seals and seabirds, but also butterflies and moths. They’ll also help to keep the island’s recycling plant moving along, and may be involved in some housekeeping and hosting of visitors to the island.

The island is also recruiting for a volunteer assistant ranger, who will stay from April through to the end of October. The assistant ranger will be responsible for grounds maintenance, gardening, and overseeing the work of the wardens.

puffin Puffins are populous on Lundy Island. Getty Images

No qualifications are required for either role, though an interest in conversation and wildlife will go a long way. The job listing also says applications “should be of a hardy nature” and willing to work in varying weather conditions.

“More than anything, we are looking for people with a passion for conservation and wildlife, have a desire to learn about and contribute to a wide range of tasks and who want to immerse themselves fully in the life of a small but loving and vibrant island community,” the job posting reads.

Lundy Island is small, yet the community is thriving. There are 23 unique places to stay on the island, quaint general stores and a cosy tavern. There are few roads, and plenty of vast terrain to be explored, including cliffs, forests and coastal walks.

Interested? Just get your application in before February 5. You can find out more about volunteering on Lundy Island here.

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