Disney Is Making Another ‘The Lion King’ Movie and This Time It’s a Prequel

The Lion King

In the circle of a Disney movie life, there’s a cartoon version (arguably the best version), a live-action remake and then a sequel. In the case of The Lion King, Disney is taking on yet another project, this time a prequel to the 2019 blockbuster.

According to Deadline, who first reported the news, Moonlight Oscar winner, Barry Jenkins, has signed on to direct the follow-up film with Jeff Nathanson (who wrote the first script) penning the screenplay.

Jenkins shared the news on his personal Twitter account.

While Jon Favreau has not signed on for this one, the use of his photo-realistic technology will once again be used in production.

The 2019 film, which starred Beyoncé, Donald Glover and Chiwetel Ejiofor among a star-studded cast, grossed $2.2 billion AUD worldwide, so it’s no wonder that Disney is ready for round two.

While we have no news of what the storyline will be, Deadline reports that the story will “further explore the mythology of the characters, including Mufasa’s origin story”.

There is no word on the cast yet, however, fingers crossed James Earl Jones will reprise his role as Simba’s father — because Mufasa isn’t Mufasa without him.

Alongside Jones in the previous cast were Ejiofor, Glover, Woodard, Beyoncé, Oliver, Key, Andre, Rogen, Eichner, Sedaris and Chance the Rapper. However, being an origin story, half of these actors won’t be appearing in the prequel.

Even though there are high hopes for the new film, the remake was met with mixed reviews. After all, you can’t beat the original.

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