How LG’s New ‘Wireless’ OLED TV Will Actually Work

LG wireless TV

LG is rolling out some impressive new TVs this year, including one that bends inwards to become a gaming screen at the press of a button and another on wheels that you can easily roll around an office to use for presentations or into your bathroom at home for entertainment while you bathe.

One of the most anticipated though is the M3 OLED TV, which they’re calling the “world’s first wireless AV-connected OLED TV”. So, does that mean it’s entirely cable-free? What’s its price point? And when can we expect it to drop in Australia?

LG wireless TV
Image: LG

We’re answering all those questions and others, here.

Is the LG Wireless TV Entirely Cable-Free?

No, it’s not. It still requires a connected power cord. The “wireless” component of its name refers to its AV box, which doesn’t have to be connected to the TV, as is usually the case with TVs. Instead, you can place the AV box, which it’s calling a “Zero Connect Box”, anywhere that suits your interiors — your coffee table, a shelf, or anywhere else in the room.

Then, you can connect HDMI devices like set-top boxes, games consoles, or streaming devices to the AV box, rather than directly to the TV. The result is that when the TV is wall-mounted, it rests flat on the wall, with no cable clutter.

LG wireless TV
Image: LG

“As well as delivering the ultimate viewing experience on an ultra-large screen, our first-of-its-kind wireless LG Signature OLED M presents customers with a new level of freedom in arranging their living spaces,” said Baik Seon-Pill, leader of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s product development division, in January 2023 when the TV was unveiled.

When Can We Expect It to Launch in Australia?

The TV has already launched in South Korea and has plans to be rolled out in the UK in September. The rest of Europe and North America will see the TV’s release “later this year”, according to a press release.

As of now, a date for its Australian launch hasn’t been announced.

How Much Will It Cost?

The 97-inch OLED Signature (model 97M3) will be priced at £27,999.99, which works out to around AUD $54,000.

TV sizes, the 83-inch OLED evo for £7,999.99 (about $15,500) and the 77-inch OLED evo for £5,999.99 (about $11,600), which are equipped with the same “Zero Connect technology”

Oh, and What Does OLED Actually Mean?

OLED stands for “organic light-emitting diode”, and is considered one of the best displays on the market currently. The first OLED TV was launched by Sony in 2004.

OLED TVs allow for thinner, lighter, and more flexible displays than light-emitting diodes (LED). They bring you better image quality, faster response times and reduced power consumption.

What Other TVs Has LG Launched This Year?

The full list of LG OLED, Lifestyle TV, and QNED ranges and the models’ Australian prices are below:

Type Model RRP In-store
OLED Z3 OLED77Z3 $15,999 April



OLED83G3 $10,999 April
OLED77G3 $8,399 April
OLED65G3 $5,299 April
OLED55G3 $4,199 April





OLED83C3 $8,999 April
OLED77C3 $6,799 April
OLED65C3 $4,299 April
OLED55C3 $3,299 April
OLED48C3 $2,899 April
OLED42C3 $2,599 April


OLED77B3 $6,499 April
OLED65B3 $4,099 April
OLED55B3 $3,149 April


86QNED86SRA $5,999 July
75QNED86SRA $4,499 July
65QNED86SRA $3,499 July



86QNED81 $4,999 April
75QNED81 $3,499 April
65QNED81 $2,499 April
55QNED81 $1,999 April



75QNED75 $2,499 July
65QNED75 $1,899 July
55QNED75 $1,499 July
50QNED75 $1,299 July
43QNED75 $1,099 July
UR80 86UR8050 $2,999 April
75UR8050 $1,999 April
65UR8050 $1,499 April
55UR8050 $1,199 April
50UR8050 $999 April
43UR8050 $899 April
LG Posé 55LX1QPSA $3,499 April
LG Easel 65ART90ESQA $12,999 April
LG OLED Flex 42LX3Q $4,999 July
LG StanbyME 27ART10AKPL $1,999 July

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