LG Just Announced a Rollable TV and Good News, It’s Only $130,000

At a Sydney event this week, LG Electronics revealed a number of revolutionary new home technologies — from a more affordable range of its highest quality OLED TVs to an entirely new kind of LCD screen technology called QNED. But the star of the show? The world’s first and only rollable TV.

The LG SIGNATURE 65-inch R1 Rollable OLED TV prioritises aesthetics while making no compromises on quality. When put away, the TV sits neatly and compact within a sleek silver box adorned with speakers. When disappeared, it’s completely out of sight, meaning your living room is never taken over by a huge black screen.

But when you’re ready for some home viewing, you need only press a button before a slit in the box opens just wide enough for a slim screen to roll out. Essentially, it means you can put your TV anywhere in the room, not just against a wall. At the foot of the bed, in front of a window, even outside by a firepit.

“The unit is a work of art fit for luxury living, with the TV appearing when needed and disappearing when not,” LG says of the new model.

The display rolls out to three different heights: Full View, Line View and Zero View. Full View is for regular TV viewing, Line View offers a range of information widgets like the weather, time and news headlines as well as access to your music, and Zero View shows no display at all.

LG Electronics
LG Electronics

The rollable screen has no effect on the picture quality, being that the TV uses LG’s top-of-the-range OLED technology featuring self-lit pixels that deliver the brightest colours and deepest blacks. In addition, the TV can be controlled via voice command with built-in LG ThinQ, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

You’d expect a world-first TV like this to be pricey, and you’d be correct. The LG SIGNATURE 65-inch R1 Rollable OLED TV will set Australian buyers back $130,000. Each unit is custom-made and custom-built, crafted and delivered within six to eight weeks. It’s available for pre-order from July 2021.

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