This New LG TV Made the Audience at the Brand’s 2023 Showcase Audibly Gasp


LG Electronics Australia has announced its 2023 TV line-up, officially launching the new models at an event in Sydney on Thursday, April 18. While all TVs in the range were, as you’d expect, better than their predecessors, or entirely new, one made the audience outright gasp: the LG OLED Flex.

The 42-inch OLD screen TV, which goes on sale in Australia in July, can go from completely flat to curved (900R) with the press of a button. In other words, it bends on demand, no hands needed. Not only that, but it also has 20 incremental settings, depending on how curved you want it. Users can also adjust its height, tilt and even resize the picture on the screen from 42 inches to 32 or 27 inches.

Image: LG OLED Flex

Also new and notable in the range is the LG StanbyMe, also coming to Australia in July. It’s a 27-inch FHD touchscreen atop a white stand with five wheels hidden in its base. The TV is powered by a rechargeable battery, so its display is wireless. It also features near field communication tech (NFC), which lets users mirror content from a compatible phone, tablet or laptop. And, it rotates up to 180 degrees, can swivel up to 130 degrees, swivel to 130 degrees, tilt to 50 degrees and move vertically by 20cm.

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LG Easel
Image Objet Easel

Next up are two design-focused models, Objet Posé and Objet Easel, which also go on sale in July. These models blend innovation and design to create a product that’s more than just a TV. The Objet Posé can transform into a frame when not in use and has a sleek cable and accessory organiser to keep entertainment devices neat and tidy at the back of the TV.

Meanwhile, the Objet Easel comes with a beige fabric cover created by Danish textile innovator Kvadrat that blends seamlessly with any modern home’s décor. Using the LG Magic Remote, users can raise or lower the fabric to partially cover the display where they can see a curated selection of lifestyle functions. Or, they can lower the cover completely to experience the full, 65-inch LG OLED evo screen.

LG Ojet Pose
Image: Objet Posé

The last new model in the range is the 97-inch LG Signature OLED M, which it’s calling the world’s first TV with Zero Connect technology. While it does need to be plugged into a power source, it comes with a Zero Connect box with multiple ports for commonly-used HDMI devices that you can hide elsewhere in a room. When wall-mounted, the TV rests flush to the wall, no clutter of cables in sight.

The full list of LG OLED, Lifestyle TV and QNED range is below:

Type Model RRP* In-store
OLED Z3 OLED77Z3 $15,999 April



OLED83G3 $10,999 April
OLED77G3 $8,399 April
OLED65G3 $5,299 April
OLED55G3 $4,199 April





OLED83C3 $8,999 April
OLED77C3 $6,799 April
OLED65C3 $4,299 April
OLED55C3 $3,299 April
OLED48C3 $2,899 April
OLED42C3 $2,599 April


OLED77B3 $6,499 April
OLED65B3 $4,099 April
OLED55B3 $3,149 April


86QNED86SRA $5,999 July
75QNED86SRA $4,499 July
65QNED86SRA $3,499 July



86QNED81 $4,999 April
75QNED81 $3,499 April
65QNED81 $2,499 April
55QNED81 $1,999 April



75QNED75 $2,499 July
65QNED75 $1,899 July
55QNED75 $1,499 July
50QNED75 $1,299 July
43QNED75 $1,099 July
UR80 86UR8050 $2,999 April
75UR8050 $1,999 April
65UR8050 $1,499 April
55UR8050 $1,199 April
50UR8050 $999 April
43UR8050 $899 April
LG Posé 55LX1QPSA $3,499 April
LG Easel 65ART90ESQA $12,999 April
LG OLED Flex 42LX3Q $4,999 July
LG StanbyME 27ART10AKPL $1,999 July

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