This One Feature Is the Difference Between a Good TV and a Truly Great TV


In 2020, we’re not about a TV that simply displays a picture — we’re after a total and all-encompassing viewing experience that will transport us from our cosy position on the couch to the very scene we’re viewing through the pixels in front of us.

In some ways, the better portion of this year has been about vicarious living. With social restrictions and a request to stay home, we haven’t been able to travel and see the world in ways we’ve become used to, and as a result, we’ve become more reliant on our home entertainment technologies to help us escape.

A great television is central to creating this portal of escapism. And actually, being in isolation has acted as the catalyst for many Australians to prioritise new home entertainment purchases (myself included. I bought a TV!). If we’ve suddenly got more time to watch movies, play video games, and catch up on our favourite shows, we’d rather do it right. Right?

Only thing is, not all TVs are created equal, as anyone who’s tried to watch Game of Thrones in the middle of the day may now understand (read: lots of squinting). So to anyone considering a new TV purchase, might we advise you opt for a model with technology that works to your viewing advantage, no matter the time of day or your position in the room?

LG Electronics‘ 2020 range, released last month, features 12 new televisions with NanoCell display technology. In both 4K and 8K models and available in varying sizes to suit any home style, the NanoCell technology is what truly sets these apart from any other LED/LCD television on the market.

LG Electronics

What is NanoCell technology?

NanoCell technology is exclusive to the LG Electronics brand. NanoCell delivers unparalleled picture quality with enhanced colour purity, and yes, it’s noticeable.

It works like so. Nanoparticles are used as colour purifiers that refine red, green and blue primary colour wavelengths while removing unwanted yellows to reproduce more vivid, more accurate colours. Not only that, the particles absorb unwanted light wavelengths and bring enhanced purity to those red and green shades often lost on other screens.

In addition to creating cleaner colour, it also allows for better viewing from any angle in the room, even as far as 60-degrees to the side. Sure, viewers see more vivid colour, but they also experience deeper blacks and improved shadows for better depth perception.

As you can imagine, the technology would surely benefit one’s movie night experiences, but also makes general viewing a joy. With NanoCell, gaming no longer looks like a game, and sport never looked better than if you were right there on the pitch.

As for what you should watch first upon buying an LG TV with NanoCell technology? We recommend David Attenborough’s Our Planet. WOW.

NanoCell technology works in real-time to deliver a crisp viewing experience on free-to-air, but when it comes time to catch up on your shows, the range of TVs have all tastes covered.

Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Stan, YouTube, Apple TV, SBS On Demand, ABC iView; all streaming platforms are all accessible through the LG Home Launcher and can also be accessed via voice command through the teeny tiny microphone in your Magic Remote.

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